View Full Version : Kord's Bakery and Sweet Shop

2006-05-18, 12:45 AM
We sell sweets, pies, baked goods, anything that tastes yummy and contains deadly amounts of sugar!!

2006-05-18, 12:51 AM
This sounds like my kind of place! Arnt you supposed to be working the bar though?

2006-05-18, 12:59 AM
Slazeria owns this place. (see drow)

2006-05-18, 01:17 AM
*buys 50 donuts with extra brain filling*

Thank yeh kindly!

2006-05-18, 01:25 AM
"any good dark chocolate? If so, I'll be visiting quite often" :-)

2006-05-18, 01:39 AM
Yep, all kinds. What's your preference?

2006-05-18, 01:59 AM
*walks in wearing a huge fur coat for some reason.*

Would you believe the cafeteria over at Stormreach Illithid University doesn't have donuts?! *mutters to self* How can you do a proper Bluto imitation without the powdered donuts for Towns sake?
*Scans the menu overhead. Pauses. Looks at you. Looks at Kord*

Nice apron. *Clears throat* Anyhoo... I'll take a couple of powdered sugar donuts to go.
*Waits. Pays. Opens door to leave. Pauses. Looks at Kord in apron again. Looks at you. Trog's speachless, folks. *Leaves. Door closes with a *dingle**

2006-05-18, 02:26 AM
"All kinds of dark chocolate, small choco squares, choco cheesecake, all kinds. If it melts in my mouth then I like it." 8)

2006-05-18, 02:47 AM
since I can't seem to steal your bakery in the Valhalla thread, is there any chance of joining the staff?

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-05-18, 09:37 AM
^(got your soul :) )

Anyway anything really dark? As in really really really dark

2006-05-18, 09:58 AM
To Krusk: Sure? Any experience? What do you want to do?

To Reaper: Yeah, sure. What do you have in mind?

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-05-18, 10:29 AM
Mostly super dark chocolate if you have any.

2006-05-18, 04:35 PM
Deadly amounts of sugar? Excellent. I'll take one donut, the most deadly you have. *hands over cash*

2006-05-20, 02:43 AM
"I'll buy some dark chocolate truffles tonight if you have them"

*hand over the money to buy them*

2006-05-20, 02:55 AM
If you have twizzlers and/or skittles, Id like some of those please...

2006-05-20, 04:37 AM
Kylee walks in. "I'll have one of every sweet/candy you've got.

2006-05-20, 11:02 AM
*gives some extremely dark chocolate to reaper, and some twizzlers and skittles to Lykan*

"2 silver and 1 silver, respectively."

*turns to Kyle*

"You willing to pay 1,000 gp on candy?"

2006-05-20, 11:05 AM
Kylee nods his head several times and takes out 100 pp.

2006-05-20, 11:07 AM
"Okay then."

Slazeria spends a long time using telekensis to lift thousands of pieces of candy into a huge bag. After about 5 minutes (due to some amazing skill) she is done.

2006-05-20, 11:08 AM
Kylee gives the money and then takes the bag.

2006-05-20, 11:10 AM
The step-step-tap normal of the pirate captain is almost a skip as she heads into the candy store. "Ohhhh...candy! I want..I want...licorice jellybeans...and some dark chocolate. None of that hershey's crap, it must be at least 75% cocoa. Hmm...and do you have the little sugar cigarettes? I love those!"

2006-05-20, 11:20 AM
*lays out some licorice jellybeans, and some good, rich 90% cocoa dark chocolate*

"Sugar cigarettes eh?. I suppose we do...somewhere..."

The drow rummages through several boxes of candy, and eventually pulls out some sugar cigarettes.

"Here we are. That will be...hmm...well that dark chocolate is some of our best...so I would say 5 silver. We sell things for a farily low price here."

2006-05-20, 11:23 AM
The captain hands the drow two gold and then hugs her while picking up the candies, happily. (And, surprisingly, hasn't tried stealing anything off of the drow while doing so.) "Danke, danke, danke, danke, danke!"

2006-05-20, 11:25 AM
A large tabby cat walks in with an excited look on its face. "Ooh, candy cigarettes? I know it's not normal, but could you please make some candy cigars? Anything else a cat would like?"

Death, your friend the Reaper
2006-05-20, 11:27 AM
*passes over 2 silver*

I am a tad late in payment but i think you will find its all there.

*takes chocs*

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-12-12, 11:50 PM
*Finding an abandoned candy store amongst the run down buildings of the Town, the llama snickers and pops the lock on the door with his tools. Once safely inside, he lays down and starts to go to sleep, salivating with the smell of the baked goods that remains. He thinks I really need to see Kint and Ala tomorrow and bring them some of this. Poor NPC's have been left too long and Tony could really use the warm fuzzy feeling they bring. Soon he is asleep.*

(goodnight everyone.)

2006-12-13, 12:54 PM
Deadly runs in, looking around with wide, sparkling eyes Deadly amounts of sugar!? Baked stuff! Ohmygod! he runs around and glares at the goods I want... no... I.... want... everything! I'll take it all! All mine! he throws one of the poor NPCs a large bag of gold and gets to work...

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-12-13, 02:12 PM
*the llama looks up and sees a raccoon going nuts with the candy. He sleepily mumbles something about "please save me some...kids...candy...later." Then he falls back asleep*

2006-12-13, 02:25 PM
Deadly looks up at the llama and blinks, then grins and collects a large bag of candy and places it by the quadruped. He looks around and takes a deep breath Ugh... I'll save some for later. With that he disappears, leaving behind only some sad remains, and the bag.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2006-12-13, 09:33 PM
*The llama finally wakes up, a very confused look about a bizarre dream where a raccoon showed up and gave him candy. Seeing the bag at his head filled with sweetness, he gets up, grabs the bag, and walks out of the shop, towards Alarra's.*

(Farewell, Kord's Bakery. We'll return to you someday. Or maybe one of the other kind Townie's will take advantage of your baked goodness.)

2006-12-19, 07:54 AM
An irratated gnome walks in with a child's skeleton following it. " I'll take 1 slice of pink frosted ice cream cake."

2006-12-19, 11:07 AM
Shea looks in the window at all the goodies. He wishes he had some money and wanders away.

Atreyu the Masked LLama
2007-02-13, 02:03 PM
*Atreyu trots in and orders a nice cake from an NPC we'll call Melinda. She can be a half-elf with the ability to see briefly into the future. As such she has the cake already prepared and stuffed in an extra-dimensional space where it won't get mucked up by Atreyu's travels. He admires it and is impressed that she managed to get Phoenixineohp's name right. After paying for it, he trots out happily*