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2011-01-06, 11:57 PM
Hi guys,

I need some help with the finishing touches for a battlefield controlling cleric of Thor.

This character has been running for as long as an year, but I felt he was beginning to be overshadowed by now, since I dont have the stats to go full melee and I dont want to try things too subtle, since Thor is no subtle god.

He is a Cleric 5/Storm Lord 4 right now. With the Weather and War domains (crapy, crapy choices, but they were the best I could aim for) and I paid the feat taxes to get into Stormlord. Since he wasnt being much of a healer I selected the spontaneous domain ACF for him (my DM allowed me to choose it later) for the Weaher domain, since Call Lightnings (Storms) are being my main weapon.

So I recently decided to turn him into a battlefield control character to aid our main damage dealer (A Big Mo Fo Lizardman Barbarian/Berserker).

Then I found explosive spell and sculpt spell, so I am thinking of going around casting cone/burst shaped explosive call lightnings and other AoF spells to knock multiple opponents down.

Another thing I've been having fun with is the reserve Feat Storm Bolt, turning him into a all day long 5d6 lightning tosser (more damage than my regular warhammer).

What you guys think? Do you have any good Ideas on spells/feats? I dont want anything heavily optimized because I dont need it. Also, CC is quite out of the game, ok?

Thanks, guys.

2011-01-07, 01:43 AM
He shouldn't be that bad in melee. Divine power + quickened divine favour would make you a decent fighter at least, and you can afford magic vestments/weapon (at reasonable duration of 9 hours).

2011-01-07, 03:56 AM
I'll guess you don't have Stormwrack?

The Stormcaster prestige class is made for you. And the Storm domain fits a bit better then the Weather domain. Or even the Windstorm domain.

Sadly Stormwrack does not have an cleric spells.

2011-01-08, 02:42 PM
@ Runestar

No, it is ok. I decided that his secondary role is "secondary melee". Its just because I quite do not have the stats for going primary melee. I was the guy who used 25 PB when everyone else rolled 4d6 drop lowest. I am very, very unlucky with dice rolls.

@ bloodtide

Yeah, that's my secondary PrC. I will take a look at those domains. Perhaps it is still time to switch.

Do you guys think that a bunch of lightnings that knock people down on failed ref saves is ok?

Edit: Also, just checked. I am using the Windstorm domain, actually. Do you guys prefer Call Lightning Storm or Arc of Lightinig as offensive spells?