View Full Version : [PF] Craft Construct and Animated Objects

2011-01-09, 01:57 AM
bestiary says that permanent animated objects can be created via Craft Construct, yet there are no rules for it

anyone have any suggestions for this? homebrew?

2011-01-09, 02:02 AM
I think you cast the spell animate objects and then cast permanency.

2011-01-09, 02:04 AM
it says in the bestiary under the description of animated objects that they can be created permanently using craft construct though

2011-01-09, 02:04 AM
If you need it to work via craft construct, it's easiest just to make the cost equal to the object cost, the XP equal to permanency's cost, the required spells animate objects and permanency, and go from there.

If it can't use permanency for some reason, then (less immaterial) homebrew is required. I'd recommend treating them as effigies of inanimate objects, if you have Complete Arcane.

2011-01-09, 02:05 AM
well im gunna be playing a wizard, so i dont have access to animate objects...which is why im trying the craft construct route

2011-01-09, 02:17 AM
I suppose the cheesy way is to create an effigy of an Incarnate Construct of an animated object; the end result is a construct of an animated object, and although expensive you get enough bonuses out of the effigy template that it might be worthwhile.

2011-01-09, 04:29 AM
I did a little research on construct pricing a while back. I didn't check every single one, but I did quite a few, and found a general pricing range. On average, the constructs I checked out would cost between 1/4 and 1/3 of the WBL that a character of equal level would have. So, a 10th level character buying a CR10 construct would spend between 1/4 and 1/3 of his total WBL (actually now that I think of it, that might have been construction costs). Regardless, I don't think it would be too hard to compare animated objects to constructs with equal CR and make up some prices from there.

2011-01-09, 01:35 PM
This sounds like a "work-it-out-with-your-DM" thing. Perhaps go with a set number of gold pieces per hit die/CR of the construct, and have the pre-reqs for construction be CL 11 (when a Cleric would get Animate Objects) and Craft Construct.

Otherwise, the Wizard is not an ideal setup for what appears to be a decidedly Wizard-Did-It monster mash. Maybe Arcane Disciple (Complete Divine?) for the Chaos Domain would be the quickest way to gain access to Animate, and then permancy the lot of the creatures, like was said before.

Or you could go to Bard Camp. It's a whole lot easier than becoming a Wizard, anyway! :elan: