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2011-01-09, 05:51 AM
I'm currently playing a Dread Necromancer and we are looking for a way to heal the party if something were to happen to our party cleric. I swear I can recall an item that makes you get healed by negative and damaged by positive. Did i just make this up or does it actually exist?


Frog Dragon
2011-01-09, 05:53 AM
Not an item. However, you want the Tomb Tainted Soul feat, which, as far as I can remember, halves normal healing but lets you heal from inflict spells or Charnel Touch. If everyone in the party had this, you could be the sole healer, since Charnel Touch never runs out.

2011-01-09, 05:58 AM
Warforged with that feat is pretty OP.

Takes 1/2 damage from Positive energy, full heal from Negative energy. Trades a weakness for a strength.

2011-01-09, 05:58 AM
That would work but we do have a good party member and the others might not want to take the feat.

2011-01-09, 06:15 AM
And Warforged does not work that way. They don't receive half the effect from positive energy spells, they receive half the HEALING. A Warforged with TTS is still getting full damage (but now he also gets full healing, so it's still a positive result from the feat).

EDIT: You don't get full healing from a Dread Necro's Charnel Touch, though, since that's a (Su) that restores hit points

2011-01-09, 08:02 AM
Spells from healing subschools are gimped, so, you're still 50% immune to positive energy spells (iirc, all positive energy are healing).

As for the Channel touch thing.... it may be debatable. Channel Touch deals 1d8 negative energy damage.
Tomb tainted soul makes you heal from negative energy.

2011-01-09, 02:46 PM
Charnel touch does heal undead if that's what your debating. It heals undead 1 hit point with +1 for every 4 Dread Necro levels.

2011-01-09, 02:56 PM
Tomb tainted soul is not undead. They just heal from Negative, damaged by Positive.