View Full Version : Spell Selection for a Dread Necromancer///Sorcerer/Fiend Blooded Gestalt..

2011-01-09, 04:54 PM
This character will, of course, be a devoted necromancer, however, on the sorcerer/fiend blooded side I want to try and take both all around useful spells but also certain necromancy spells that Dread Necromancers have no acssess too. Fiend blooded lets me grab from the cleric list as well, so while I know I will have much higher level spells once I hit fiend blood the first spell I am grabing with it will be desecrate, despite the fact it's a level 2. I just don't like playing a necromancer without desecrate on their list. Another spell I am planing on grabbing with fiend-blooded is general of undeath. The fiend blooded spells however are not the main issue but rather the sorc spells. I know I want to grap Necromancy-related spells that DNs don't get such as Shivering Touch, avasculate, Awaken undead ect...but yet at the same time want to also have some more generally useful rather then being purely necromancy related.(Magic circle being a must with the planar binding on the DN side but no magic circle there.) So I am looking for the best "sorcerer spell list" that both covers the necromancy a DN lacks but also packs some generally useful and/or powerful spells that sorcerers and other more traditional arcane spellcasters usually have on hand....

The character himself will be an epic level Necromancer who laughs at even clerical necromancers as he actually has enough charisma to take feats like Undead Mastery(The epic feat, not the DN class feature) and Zone of animation....and with all of his rebuke attempts due to cha synergy...yeah. Also, epic spellcasting is banned in this game as it is in every epic game among my playgroup...just so you know. Also, DN is houseruled to have an epic progression that doesn't really do much except provide more levels of DN, some bonus feats, and that's basically it. So yes, this guy will have lots and lots of undead.

Any ideas, playgrounders?