View Full Version : [Pathfinder] Soul Eater Villains

2011-01-10, 05:09 PM
Me and my friends all just watched the Soul Eater anime, and I thought it'd be fun to create some of the characters to serve as villains in the Pathfinder game I'm running right now, with Medusa serving as the BBEG. The party is currently level 6, but I have enough other stuff planned that by the time they would be fighting the Soul Eater villains, they'd be around 10 or 11. I will be using the following villains:


So, here's my main question: what level should each villain be at? I was thinking I'd have Eruka be the weakest at level 12 and Medusa be the strongest at level 20, but what about the rest?

Also, I have some ideas on how to create most of these characters, but I'm having trouble with Mosquito and Giriko. For Giriko, I was thinking I'd give him a few levels in Summoner and have his eidolon be a golem. I know that the golem was only in his first episode, but I figured it'd be easier to make that his theme, since I'm not really sure how to convey the whole 'living chainsaw' thing using Pathfinder mechanics. I suppose I could adapt the stats of the Ripsaw Glaive into a kicking attack?

By the way, I've never ever homebrewed a villain before (it's my first time running a Pathfinder campaign) so if I'm doing something horribly wrong, please let me know :smallsmile: