View Full Version : Can you manifest a power from one class using the ML of other psionic class? (3.5)

Dusk Eclipse
2011-01-10, 07:43 PM
I am not sure if I phrased the question correctly on the Thread tittle; so I am going to expand on it.

I have been toying with a two-weapon fighting psionic gish, and it occurred to me that using the soul-bound weapon ACF for psychic warrior, would be a good way to save money to enchant my weapons.

Then I started thinking on how to get higher level powers and I just thought to take a psion level or something and then head into Slayer for gishy goodness; but then I came to the realization that I didn't know if I could manifest (and augment) the call weaponry power using my psion's PP reserve and manifester level. So the question is can I do that?

Let's assume and hypothetical build of Ranger 2/Psy war 2/ Psion 2/Slayer 10/ with practiced manifester (psion) that gives me a ML of 15 for psion and ML of 2 for psywar, so can I use my psion ML when manifesting Call weaponry?

Also I am not really sure on how does the soul bound weapon gains enhancements, it says it gains numeric (+1 and the like) at certain levels; but I am not sure if it refers to class levels or ML... if it tied to ML would that be the Psychic warrior one?

Thanks in advance.

Keld Denar
2011-01-10, 07:56 PM
PP are PP are PP are PP. Its all the same PP pool, regardless of where it comes from. MLs are different. If you use ToB, you know that ILs are different, same with MLs. If you have two different classes, you manifest each classes' powers with that classes ML.

So, your ML will be forever stuck at 2 for your Soul-Bound Weapon feature, unless you drop a feat on Practiced Manifester, at which point it will be 6. You won't get ML7 Expansion without either a PP reducer (like Earth Power or Midnight Augmentation or a Torc of Power Preservation) or a ML booster like an Orange IWIN Stone.

Dusk Eclipse
2011-01-10, 07:57 PM
Damn....:smallfrown: there goes my idea.

I guess I can still do a good TWF gish with just Psychic warrior and Slayer.