View Full Version : Large scale Battles... how?

2011-01-10, 10:21 PM
I'm writing to ask if anyone has come up with or discovered a good system to do battles that involve a large scale conflict. Being a hug fan of advance wars I was thinking of combining aspects of that to help me with my sci-fi game I'm playing.

It's based heavily on Xenogears and Code Geass. I normally come up with mini games like this myself, but if you guys have a seen anything around like what I want to achieve I'd be greatful if you could share


2011-01-11, 12:18 AM
If you're playing an RPG and want to have a war-based mini-game, the question is whether your players are up to it.

Games like Warhammer, Battletech and Heavy Gear are miniature tactical games that involve large units, which can be mechanized. (If I recall correctly, Heavy Gear and Battletech actually can switch between RPG mode and tactical wargaming mode).

Heavy Gear at least is rather close to Code Geass mecha, with similarly-sized robots that also have wheels for fast ground movement.

BTW, I haven't played Advanced Wars, but I'm a fan of Super Robot Wars (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Robot_Wars), which seems rather similar. SRW, at least, assumes relatively small engagements (about 20+ units per side each mission), often with a powerful boss unit. I think that it's best to keep engagements at this size.

2011-01-11, 02:41 AM
I like bringing out the warhammer, but the best way in general is to decide parts of the battle ahead of time, and have a binary state special mission for the players upon which the battle will hinge, assuming you don't want to switch to a wargame system.

That aside, you'll want to look at both warmachine and iron kingdoms. Warmachine is a tabletop battle game mixing mechs with infantry, special characters and casters.