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2011-01-11, 03:10 AM
Is there a better way to pick up proficiency with 'all swords', through some prestige class, feat combination, or magic item? It would take a lot of feats to take exotic weapon proficiency in every exotic sword there is, so looking for another way.

I'm aware of the warblade option, and definitely considering it, but was planning to be more rogue-y in general, the sword proficiency is a side thing (so I'd like not to invest too much into it, but a feat or two is acceptable).

2011-01-11, 03:17 AM
The Gladiator Mask option offered by the Master of Masks prestige class (Complete Scoundrel) gives you proficiency with "all martial and exotic weapons." Not the easiest class to get into for people who aren't bards, rogues, or factotums (8 ranks each in Disguise, Bluff, and Perform (Act), plus a language requirement and a fluff requirement), but effective for this purpose.

2011-01-11, 03:17 AM
Master of Masks should get you there with a one level dip.

EDIT: Bah! Ninja'd.


2011-01-11, 03:19 AM
Sweet, it's a rogue-y class too! Thanks!

2011-01-11, 03:29 AM
It's something that you would definitely have to talk about with your DM as it's something I don't actually see used alot (despite making sense I think), but there's an alternate version of weapon proficiencies where instead of learning weapons by complexity (simple, martial, exotic) you get weapons by type (light blades, heavy blades, polearms, etc.).

Way starting proficiencies work I think something like "Choose # of the fallowing...", and each new weapon group would then be a whole separate feat (though I don't know why you would really bother).

Exotic weapons still being on an individual basis though, so this probably doesn't even help you.

2011-01-11, 03:38 AM
This alternate weapons proficiency is really good, in my opinion: