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2011-01-16, 02:59 AM
I was thinking the nine point leaves something to be desired, so I was thinking something like Exalted, Vile, Anarchic, and Axiomatic. Good would be reduced to someone who tries and does a decent-fairly good job of upholding the "good" ideals, and chaotic goes to be somewhat eccentric, lawful would be mostly disciplined, and evil would be a bit below amoral, but above actively evil, while vile would be **** Dastardly stops to cheat to Jack the Ripper or Hitler/Stalin. Anarchic is "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy," while haired and rocking in a fetal position insane, and axiomatic is nonsentient robot and exalted is angelic. I would make Vile and anarchic non-playable, and Exalted restricted to some paladins and VoP/Saint people. Axiomatic would only be an option for Warforged-esque people. The twenty-sixth point is amoral, or being, as TVtropes would put it, either blue or orange on the black-white morality scale, and would be reserved for animals and fey, and maybe disturbed, but not anarchic crazy.


2011-01-16, 03:23 AM
I take it you don't think there are enough arguments about alignment already?

2011-01-16, 03:34 AM
I take it you don't think there are enough arguments about alignment already?

No, I think alignment, minds, and perspectives are too complex to be put into nine categories. I also think that people should have three alignments, an arbitrary alignment based on our values and perspective, their alignment from their perspective, including motives for actions, and the alignment of their actions, so well-intentioned extremists would be LE or LN/LG or NG/TN or NE.

But that is a discussion for another thread.