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2011-01-16, 01:33 PM
so all of this will just be stuff I've created over the years so lets get the biggest of the bad out of the way so drum roll please..... crap forgot to hire that guy oh well here we go


Hailing from another planet or dimension, Kryptonians look like mere humans but the difference's become shockingly clear when witnessed in action. A Kryptonian is capable of extraordinary strength and stamina, capable of moving faster than the human eye can follow, and possible of other amazing abilities.

+45 Str, +15 Con, +15 Dex, + 4 Wis, +4 Int, +4 Cha
A Kryptonian is capable of godlike strength, agility, and endurance. In addition they are highly intelligent, insightful, and sure of themselves.
A kryptonian's base land speed is 1,000 ft. They also have a fly speed of 2,500 ft with perfect maneuverability.
+20 natural armor bonus
A kryptonian's skin is capable of turning aside even adamantine.
+50 racial bonus to Jump and Listen checks
A kryptonian is capable of jumping miles in a single bound and hearing a whisper up to 5 miles away
DR 50/Kryptonite
Regeneration 25
Weapon shatter: Any object that strike a kryptonian must make a fortitude save DC (10+1/2 HD + Con modifier) or shatter utterly and be destroyed
Windy breath: Once per day for every four HD a kryptonian has can exhale a breath that functions as a gust of wind spell up to windstorm speeds in a cone of 5ft X HD
X-Ray vision: whenever a kryptonian chooses to do so they can switch to x-ray vision, treat this as a ring of X-Ray vision except it has no time limit and causes no damage
Heat Ray: A kryptonian may send a ray of searing heat from their eyes that functions as a ranged touch attack that deals 5D6 fire damage. The reflex save DC for half damage is 10+1/2 HD+Con modifier.
Alarcity: A kryptonian is always under the effects of a haste spell with the following differences: they recieve a +5 dodge bonus to AC and Reflex saves and may once per 1D4 rounds, move up to 500 ft as a free action, even on someone else's turn
Yellow Sun Dependency: A kryptonian's power depends upon being a round a yellow sun. If they are somewhere where there is no yellow sun their physical stats become 18, and cannot use any of their abilities.
Kyrptonite Weakness: A kryptonian is affected by pieces of his homeworld in very different ways. (Note: A kryptonian is only vunerable to kryptonit if on a planet or in a dimension with a yellow sun.

Green Kryptonite: Within 10 ft of Green Kryptonite, a kyrptonian becomes physically ill. Their physical stats are reduced to 5, can only move 5 ft a round, lose all of their special ablilites, and take 1D10 damage a round (Fort DC 25 to resist)
Red Kryptonite: Upon contact, a kryptonian's alignment immediately becomes the opposite of what it was (A lawful good kryptonian would become chaotic evil and vice versa)
Black Kryptonite: Upon contact, a kryptonian splits into two different beings; one lawful good and the other chaotic evil.
Silver Kryptonite: Upon contact, silver kryptonite causes a kryptonian to go insane as the spell over the course of three days (Fort Save DC 30)
Blue Kryptonite: While touching the skin of a kryptonian, blue kryptonite makes it so as though the kryptonian wasn't around a yellow sun.

Automatic Languages: Common and Kryptonian. Bonus Language: Any. Due to their intellect, a kryptonian is capable of learning any languages (Other than secret languages, like Druidic)
+15 level adjustment

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...So what do you think?

The Mentalist
2011-01-16, 01:50 PM
What's the level adjustment?

There are a few things missing if you're trying to make Superman.

Also, the invulnerability would be better expressed as DR I think.

This seems like a random collection of attributes... Well, I suppose that's Superman though.

2011-01-16, 02:47 PM
sorry knew i was forgetting something

what else am I missing for abilities?
I'm pretty sure I read in the comics somewhere he was highly resistant to damage but he also had regenative propeties

okay level adjustment up now