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2011-01-17, 03:34 PM
So, this is a small group of ideas that I used and have been thinking about. Tested some of them in my party, and will post along when I create new ones. People are welcome to PEACH and post their own ideas! :smallsmile:

PS.: I do realize some of these are really deadly and sadistic. Nonetheless, I find some of them very funny.

The Greasy Ramp
A well applied use of the Grease spell can result in great dangers for the PC. All you have to do is place a ramp, use the mentioned spell on it, and place the monster or trap right at the end of it. I personally like the combination ramp+Grease+Gelatinous Cube!

Hot Metal
Cast Heat Metal on your animated metal objects (preferably swords :D) to increase their damage. If you're in for some terrorizing, make the spell permanent in a certain area and make the fight with such constructs unavoidable!

Boulder Down the Hall & Hole
So, you need a big boulder going down the hall, and a pit anywhere in it's way. The PC's will run like crazy from the boulder, and most times won't see the trap. Too bad for anyone who falls into the pit, since the boulder will be the next thing to follow them there.

There and Back Again: A Murderer's Tale
Use a pit trap, and place a hammer-hanging-from-the-ceiling trap on the exit most likely to be the exit. Watch as a character falls, climbs back and goes down again.

Dead Men Treasure
You'll need a pile of fake gold, all covered with any sort of contact poison. People will fight to be the first one to take a dive in this treasure.

This is too easy...
Place any trap in their way that will require them to jump that square - preferably a very menacing but easy to find pit trap. Now place the real fire on the square right in front of it. I like the pit+reverse gravity combination in this way.

Bad Water
Now this is really bad stuff, and your players will probably kill you for giving them disease-contamined water.

Too Hot/Cold
To increase the danger level of any dungeon, make it subject to extreme weather conditions. This will require them to have the adequate clothings, leave armors behind, have water or fire source. Not to mention the hourly tests to resist such hazardous climates.

Living Hell
Just soak them in oil and make them go through a hall full of fire-based traps. They don't even have to specially powerfull, just not that easy to detect.

Well, I think that'll do. Player's will probably think of you as a psychotic DM after that.

2011-01-18, 02:23 AM
In the Belly of a Shark
Any monster with the swallow whole special attack plus any trap that could conceivably be swallowed and still function equals fun times for all.

2011-01-18, 09:09 AM
Spiked Potion
Have a small vial of poison hiddin in a slightly larger vile of healing potion. Since the poison is not magical, it will not detect and once it's identified as Potion of Healing, no one's going to think to look inside the vile for a smaller vile of poison. Which type of healing and poison is up to the inidividual DM. To make this even more dangerous, instead of poison make it green slime...

Jello Dip
A small area of water in an underground cavern that the players must cross through. Maybe make it hip-deep to a medium creature at most. In random places, and by random make it a lot, put smaller Gelatenous Cubes below the surface of the water that the characters willingly walk through.

2011-01-18, 11:38 AM
Nice one guys!
Dude, the gelatinous cube under the water was genius! It's amazing how we can find ways to make simple monster very effective!

Gamer Girl
2011-01-18, 06:27 PM
Home Advantage
This is simply where a large area of any type of difficult terrain in places where the big, slow ground based characters must walk through it. Then simply attack them with flying monsters that can ignore the terrain.

The variant is an area full of water, even only knee deep, that is full of junk and mud..and any type of aquatic monsters, or snakes or such.

Undead Doom
Simple enough. As undead don't need air or have to worry about a lot of environmental effects, simply place them in a dangerous area. A simple thing as building a smoky fire with poor ventilation so the smoke fills the area can be quite effective, and the skeletons won't even notice it.

Animated Treasure
Have that gold crown attack!

2011-01-18, 06:57 PM
Gelatinous cube Remixed
Have a trapdoor in the ceiling that drops a gelatinous cube onto the players.

2011-01-19, 01:59 AM
Nice one guys!
Dude, the gelatinous cube under the water was genius! It's amazing how we can find ways to make simple monster very effective!

The other use I had with a gel cube was they entered a small cave from an underwater cave. 20 feet from the entrance, was a series of small waterfalls draining into the lake they came in from. One such waterfall spanned the whole width of the cave (about 10 feet) but was thin enough to see the other side. Beyond the veil of water, they saw a lit cavern and a bunch of small creatures moving around (goblins that they were sent to destroy). The two fighter types jumped through the waterfall trying to use intimidate on goblins and get a few free ranged attacks in before closing to melee. They both jumped into their very own gelatenous cube. Both melee characters were out of the fight with goblins and cubes. No one died tho :smallsigh:

2011-01-19, 09:12 AM
Elemental floor: (suitable only for natural caravans)

ordinary looking 5 ft. wide corridor (the longer the deadlier). without some really good senses you wont notice that the real floor is 5 ft. lower then the rest of the dungeon, and that the "floor" of the corridor is actually earth elementals.

2011-01-19, 09:25 AM
I have a trap to fool metagamers.

Reverse Arrow Trap: So have a basic stone room, 30 long and 20 wide, with the door at the other end. Along the left wall is what looks like it could be an arrow trap, with bas-reliefs, and statues with open mouths, etc. Isn't it fortunate that there is a stone barrier, and a perfectly safe passage along the right side? No, it isn't. When they go in the passage, the real arrow trap is activated. Can scale to level, with poison or whatever.