View Full Version : Rogue Blade where to find it?

2011-01-18, 12:36 AM
I found a version of the rogue blade in the MIC but I was told there was a different more expensive version of it somewhere.. anyone know where to find this?

thanks, Jobin

Found it! It was in Savage Species if anyone else was interested.

2011-01-18, 04:32 AM
Savage Species? not sure

2011-01-18, 07:36 AM
Savage Species? not sure

Yes, Savage Species p. 51. Price is 44320 GP, but the blink effect doesn't need to be activated and has no duration, so it's "always on".

However, while the wielder attacks as if he were an invisible attacker, he also suffers a 20% miss chance if he happens to be on the ethereal plane when the blade strikes. Since this miss chance is very similar to concealment, some DMs may rule that sneak attack can't be used (you can't sneak attack any targets with cover or concealment).

2011-01-18, 07:45 AM
Doesn't the sword explicitly say it's usefull for rogues to sneak attack with?

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