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Moose Man
2011-01-18, 09:16 PM
Pimped Eagle:
+4 Str
+2 Dex
+4 Con
+4 Wis
+1d3-4 Cha
5d10 Racial HD (Magical Beast)
+3 Natural Armor
+4 to either Str, Dex, or Con. +2 to the other two on top of already existing stats.
Gain one of the following:
- Swift Breed: movement +10’
- Thick-Skinned Breed: additional +2 to Natural Armor
- Tracking Breed: +4 bonus on Survival checks to follow tracks
Gain one of the following feats: Athletics, Endurance, Improved Natural Attack, or Multiattack.
Feats: Alertness, Weapon Finesse
Gain a Deflection bonus to AC equal to the creature’s Charisma
modifier (minimum +1).
Vulnerability to Ghost Touch – +50% damage from Ghost Touch.
Incorporeal Jaunt – may become corporeal or incorporeal as a
Swift Action.
Phantom Defense – the Phantom’s Armor, Shield, Deflection, &
Natural Armor bonuses are added to its AC against all corporeal
& incorporeal attacks.
Phantom Strike – the Phantom may attack corporeal creatures
when incorporeal, though it may not grapple, constrict, swallow
whole, or any other special ability to relies on prolonged contact
Speeds: 10 ft. (2 squares), fly 80 ft. (average)
2 1d6 talons (light weapons), 1 1d6 bite (non-light weapon)
+8 to spot
Low-light vision
LA: +?

Moose Man
2011-01-18, 09:48 PM
nothing, not even saying how OP it is, or how you love it? no suggestions on LA?

2011-01-18, 09:51 PM
This isn't even homebrew. You just stacked templates and stated it out.

Moose Man
2011-01-18, 10:55 PM
The LA for this is what I'm interested in.

2011-01-19, 03:48 AM
First look

Phantom strike: A 4th level monk has ki strike(magic), spell casters have always had this ability, and fighters of this level will have magic weapons. Given that this has 5HD, this ability is worth no level adjustment.

Natural armour +3: LA+1

Natural attacks: A fighter of equal HD does not have as many attacks as this does. LA+1

Flight, average: LA+1

Size: I assume this is average? LA+0

Feats(2): 1 for 1HD, 1 for 3HD. LA+0

Skills: a bonus to a single skill only, LA+0

Ability scores: unbalanced, quite high since the bonus for strength and contitution are +6 to +8. LA+2

Ethereal Jaunt: This is quite strong, no characters of equal level have this ability. There are monsters of similar level that have something similar, so I will put this at LA+1.

Phantom defense, vulnerability to ghost touch. Phantom defence is somewhat strong, but there are few ethereal creatures. LA+0

Acid test
So with the LAs tallied up, it gives us +6 LA, for an ECL of 11.

An 11HD fighter has 3 attacks, so the natural attacks aren't any better. LA-1
An 11HD character has loads of magical items, so the armour bonus isn't as effective. LA-1
Flight is available at this level too, so that's not as potent. LA-1
That's ECL 8 now.

Alright, so which class will benefit most from these abilities? Let's say a fighter. An eigth level fighter has a d10, which gains 1 more HP per level than the d8, but the +3 CON mod more than makes up for that and covers the levels without HD too.
An 8HD fighter has a BaB of +8/+3. The Eagle has +5, but with the +6 minimum from STR, that's +8 and with those natural attacks, the eagle is fairly even.
An 8HD fighter has 3 more feats, but the eagle has more natural attacks, more special abilities, etc. Pretty even however, since most of these abilities are situational.

I would play this over an 8th level fighter. The ability scores make monk and barbarian attractive too.

So in summary I believe this has a LA of +4. A level adjustment of +3 makes it more attractive to play than the standard classes. It is better than the fighter, it can approximate most of the abilies of the monk and gains numerous benefits from even a single level in the monk class. At level 9 this monster is about on par with the other classes.