View Full Version : Help me gauge this "Dragon's" CR (3.5)

2011-01-19, 06:04 PM
I have been reading through some supliments and getting ideas for a final adventure for the 3.5 I run. I was thinking of ending it around 20th level, though I'm not quite sure how to gauge this villain.

He's a Wyrm Blue (or green or red, I haven't decided) Dragon Dracolich that casts as a 20th level necromancer instead of a sorcerer.

I know what you're thinking, but I have a reason for it:
He's the necromancer from the Tome of Artifacts Mol-Tet, who posessed a dragon and turned it into a lich so that he could enact his plan to turn all Eberron into a haven for undead by stirring Khyber to breathe again, this time at full power, starting a worldwide Day of Mourning. Not that he doesn't pretend to be the dragon whos life he stole. So deep is his deception that he even tricked a dragon (The One Eye'd Crone) into being his unwitting ally to this end, thinking he'll kill all DROW.

I got the idea when I was reading stuff about the mournlands and thinking "Sun skips from dawn to dusk, Conjuration(healing) doesn't work, wounds don't heal, bodies don't decay, sounds like an undead wonderland." and the idea just mutated from there.

Mol-Tet could have been an ancient human, one of the first to travel from Sarlona to Khorvair, setting up in the Lazhar Principalites on a ship made from the bones of his enemies...and it just travels off into wank there.

But Getting to the point, I would like to know such a dracolich's apparent CR. if you don't mind.