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2011-01-21, 10:16 PM
Did anyone know that there is actually a Dashing Swordsman homebrew class? This thread is less about the wierdness of it actually existing but more of a question thread. Has anyone used the class yet in a campaign of theres or plan on using it in the future? I'm trying to coerce my teams bard into doing it but he's stuck on a Judge Dredd persona.

Dashing Swordsman:http://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Dashing_Swordsman_(4e_Epic_Destiny)

Mando Knight
2011-01-21, 10:31 PM
That wiki is fairly useless as far as homebrew goes, honestly. For example, that epic destiny. It lacks pretty much everything that marks a good Epic Destiny. Go ahead, compare it with any of them, I'll wait.

Done yet? Yeah. I can grab a feat in heroic tier to replicate the 21st level feature (without requiring cloth/no armor), the daily power is fairly useful and maybe on par with other Epic Destiny utilities, the 24th level feature is useless if you've got some way of flying or teleporting past the terrain, and the 30th level feature is both sexist (the ladies can't attack you and vice versa... even if you're a girl.) and worthless (Oh, hey! Tiamat can't attack me! Yeah, but she can incinerate you by just standing near you... and hey, is that one of her consorts? Looks like he's hungry).

2011-01-21, 10:37 PM
That would have been a lot better as a Paragon Path instead.

2011-01-21, 10:42 PM
Wait...this is for 4e? But...Dashing Swordsman already exists in 4e!

The Daring Blade Paragon Path is a very obvious Dashing Swordsman expy, complete with Cha to attack and damage with martial powers. The name is almost exactly the same. It's a pretty clear homage.