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Milo v3
2011-01-26, 06:11 AM
I need to decide which character I'm going to use in a Campaign. I have two Choices. Here are thier Stats and Back story. I was hoping for your opinions and votes.
Dunesti (Exiled Elf)
Class Notes:
Animal Companion - Scorpion
Combat Style - Two-Weapon Fighting
He was raised by the Desert Nomads of Sumra. After many years the Nomads were attacked by "Ashworms". He was the only survivor. He began to fight the Hats plaguing the nearby city. He became the hero of the town when he finally drove them off.
After 15 years a Sand Dragon Cleric entered the town with the soul want to talk with this "Hero". He told Aramil that the Sands of time are falling out of place.
That he must go to Kratoa and find the "Walker among Bones" & the "The Shield of the Dawn".

Three days later he left for Kratoa.


Newesti (True Elf)
Class Notes:
Familiar - Human Skeleton (Dalkner)
Chaotic Evil
He is a Necromancer from Sumra. He grew up in a town where thieves and assassins roamed the streets. It was their he learned that its a "Beholder kill Beholder" world. To survive he learned magic at a Young age (For an Elf). His parents where Legally in Sumra with the correct papers but they never got the papers for Naïlo so he is technically a "Elven Renegade".
After a few years a group of "Elven Seekers" entered the town. They checked people for their papers Naïlo escaped into the sewers with the help of his Undead. He re-entered the town looking for food, money, and shelter when his best friend (the only person he trusted) rated him out to the "Seekers".
From that day onward he hasn't truly trusted anyone but his undead.
After he escaped from the "Seekers" he returned to the town with only one though on his mind.
He entered Dalkners home and waited in the shadows. That night Dalkner went to sleep but he never awoke.
They never found a corpse as the mage then reanimated it as a reminder to "never trust anyone".

When "Seekers" eventually came back to town. That was the day when Naïlo sailed to Kratoa.

Note:I hope I posted this in the write spot. I wan't really sure where to post it.