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2011-01-27, 04:12 PM
So, I want to make a new Wondrous Item, but I'm feeling a smidge confused about the rules for determining cost, time and xp for this thing. For lack of a better term, we'll call it a Portable Study.

What I have in mind is a large desk (of material yet to be determined) that can walk about (serving as a steed if necessary), with drawers/cabinets that can store tons of books and materials, possibly preserving perishables, can shrink to fit in a bag/pocket, and can create a secure environment adequate for magical work up to and including Crafting of magic stuff (DMG p283 says any place suitable for relearning spells will do, see PHB 177 for relearning), but not necessarily work that requires a special lab (Golem Workshop). The point of this is to provide a mobile workshop so that a wizard who specializes in Crafting can go adventuring, but still have a chance to Craft in the field (march 8 hours, work 8 hours, sleep 8 hours). Character making this is Wiz12.

I think it will need the following:

Masterwork Desk
Leomund's Chest (CL12) want to maximize storage space
Shrink Item (CL??) to reduce a Large Desk to Diminutive and foldable
Animate Object (CL12) character has research a wiz version of this spell
Leomund's Secure Shelter (CL8) CL8 gives 16 hours of shelter

The Leomund's Chest effect should be constant, the Shrink Item would be ideally at-will, but cutting it down to a couple times a day would be okay to save on cost, the Animate Object might need to be coupled with Permanency if it's going to walk all day. Leo's Shelter only needs to be once per day. Not sure the best way to make a preservation effect, but we don't want those eyestalks and tentacles rotting on us before we can do something with them.

Anyway, with all that in mind, if anyone is willing to take a stab at calculating the gp/xp/time expenditure on this thing, I'd appreciate it. Also suggestions on how to modify or improve it are welcome. It might even be that this doesn't fall under Wondrous Item anymore so much as some kind of weird golem.

2011-01-27, 05:23 PM
Your preservation needs might be handled with Gentle Repose
or with Prestidigitation as is done in the Ebberron Advernture (p 28) there is cabinet with drawers, the drawers would heat, cool or flavor food.

A phantom steed might be useful for the transportation or place it on a Tenserís Floating Disk

2011-01-27, 05:56 PM
Good suggestion. Taking animate object out and replacing it with Tenser's would make the creation cheaper, plus floating along would be a smoother ride than what you'd get on a walking desk. Tenser's once a day at CL12 gets you 12 hours of effortless floating.

I've never been sure about whether or not one could ride Tenser's disk. It seems as though you should.

Of course, the character could just cast Tenser's every day to float the desk along, but he's a gnome and its as much about the making as the having