View Full Version : Coming back to 3.5, need build and play help

2011-01-28, 12:27 AM
While I continue to enjoy playing and DMing 4e, I've recently been invited to a 3.5 campaign, and figured that it'd be fun. Plus, I miss the power and versatility of 3.5 spellcasters.

But it's been awhile and I could use some advice finishing up my build and I would also like to know about play aids so I don't bring the table to a screeching halt on my turn.

I'm playing a 7th level Halfling Druid, with a Fleshraker Dinosaur Animal companion. Originally, I took summoning boosting feats, but then decided to go for the first level racial substitution features, which means I don't have spontaneous summoning (but I got more skill points and improved ability to ride my dinosaur). I'm not sure what to do with my first two feats (obviously the level 6 feat is Natural Spell). Magic Item suggestions would also be welcome as would any other ideas.

Also, are there any good aids for running my character? Especially for helping me recalculate my attacks and defenses when I wildshape.


2011-01-28, 01:05 AM
I would recommend having several character sheets, an extra one for each of your most commonly entered forms. This will require more work beforehand, but could really speed up play. Also, you probably only need to redo some sections of your character sheet to make this work.