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Tetsubo 57
2011-01-28, 11:32 AM
I recently read the True20 book, True Sorcery. It is a skills based magic system built off of the OGL. Spells have a DC and are cast by a Spellcraft check. The spells deal fatigue damage to the caster. As a caster gains levels they acquire a pool of magic power points. Passively they function like energy resistance to the fatigue damage. So if you have 5 power points you would subtract that from the fatigue dealt by casting a spell. Used actively each point grants a one time bonus of +10 to a Spellcraft check for casting. You regain one point a day through rest. So long as you have hit points you can keep casting. This is the system in a highly simplified nutshell.

Now for my question. Has anyone here used it? Because after a read, I can't grasp how it is superior to the base OGL system. You can create *any* spell you can think of which is nice. There are a handful of basic spells (Fire Lore for example) that can be augmented in many ways. Each augmentation driving up the DC level. Lots and *lots* of flexibility. But some of the examples given (recreating classic OGL spells) have insanely high DC ratings. Like absurdly high. So high I can't grasp how you cast them.

The other issue I see is that the system looks like it would be used in one of two ways: A caster creates a new spell for any given situation. Tailoring his casting to the encounter perfectly. Which would cause the scene to grind to a complete halt while the player designs their spell on the fly OR they create a handful of 'go to' spells and cast them over and over. Which doesn't seem any better than the base OGL system to me.

Does anyone have any personal experience with this system? Because it just seems like a whole lot of work for not enough gain to me. I would like to get a few opinions before I do a review. TIA.