View Full Version : How to improve a pseudo-golem?

2011-01-28, 04:46 PM
I want to make a pseudo-golem and I'm looking for some ideas to improve it.

Ok, lets say we've got a level 12 wizard with a love of golems, but not the money, time and spells (limited wish) to make what he wants (yet). He does, however, have a virtually unlimited supply of granite (houserules are going to give this, one of the hardest of stones, a material strength of 10, rather than 8), a personally researched wiz version of animate object, and help from a character with craft stone of 16.

A combination of shrink item and permanency will let me make a form occupying 12 cubic feet of material and weighing about 64,000 lbs which I can shrink to about 14lbs, fold up and stick in my backpack, and return to normal at will. I can then pop this little guy out, animate him as a Huge animated object with 84 hp and hardness 10 and send him out to fight.

I've thought of strapping bottles of alchemist fire to his fists giving him +1d6 fire damage with a splatter when he starts fighting, and I'm trying to figure out whether magic weapon or keen edge could apply to him. Perhaps if I shaped it like a behir (6 legs gives extra speed) but gave it a stone axe blade for a face. Also, putting some poison on the face might be cool.

So, if you were going to do this, what would you do to make this thing more impressive? AoE spells that don't do damage might be cool. Some kind of fear aura maybe...

2011-01-28, 05:01 PM
One problem is that once someone realizes your golem isn't a golem, anyone with dispel magic is going to potentially leave you with a nice statue.
Sucks I know, but there it is.

2011-01-28, 05:16 PM
True, but I can shrink it again and put it back in my pack until I have time to re-enchant. Also, choosing carefully what I sent it against would minimize the likelihood of getting dispelled. A mind flayer (CR 8) or three with no levels in wiz/sorc, for example, would be an ideal target for this CR5 creation. Admittedly, 3 mind flayers are probably going to have some humanoid slaves about and that could be a problem, but that's what hold person/hold monster is for, right?

Also it could handle rust monsters in abundance as well gelatinous cubes. Many undead who rely on level draining, paralysis and fear would be great targets. With magic weapon cast on it, it could handle wights, wraiths, ghost... lots of really annoying stuff

2011-01-28, 07:58 PM
If you make it adamant it gets DR, and you can give it a Amulet of Mighty fists. Then you cast animate object on it when battle starts!