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2011-01-28, 06:36 PM
I'd mention setting specific info, but I already have sidequests for setting specific stuff. What I'd like is some generic things that players can do in a city.

D&D 3.5, but that shouldn't really matter. 5-10th level, so little to no world shattering. Low-OP characters, so no balance concerns about "what if they abuse this to create an infinite HAT FACTORY?"

Or, well, if they did, I'd roll with it because rolling is what I do.

NOTE: Ideas don't have to have a middle in the city, they just have to start and end there. For example, "Blacksmith has PCs go to retrieve a meteor" would be good.

2011-01-28, 06:57 PM
I always liked the "exterminator" quests. Rats in the cellars, kobolds (or worse) in the sewers.

2011-01-28, 07:13 PM
One of the citizens the PCs know is convinced that someone has put out a contract to have him killed. He hires one of the player characters he trusts to guard him each night as he sleeps.

Someone has put out a contract to have a citizen the PCs know killed. The person hires one of the player characters the citizen trusts to kill him while he sleeps.


Thrice Dead Cat
2011-01-28, 07:19 PM
Politics, man, politics! Have some random person - potentially a merchant or nobleman - contract them to kill someone, ruin another person' name, or just wreck their carp while they're in town.

2011-01-28, 07:24 PM
Alternatively. (http://geekcentricity.com/2010/10/200-hooks-of-plotting.html)