View Full Version : (3.5) Plz Help With Feats!!!! Fighter/kensai

Dr Pavo
2011-01-29, 08:34 AM
We are starting a new campaing on sunday im playing a Ftr5/Kensai3, he got a animated tower shield+1, mechanus gear+2, jovar +2 keen.. maybe jovar collision keen... amulet of NA+1, ring of protection +1 etc..
I was thinking about what feats should he get. and because he moves at only 15fts/round i tought about a mounted fighter?? but im not really sure about it becuse the mount would be way to weak. so what do you think about it?

Instead of playing a Ftr5/kensai3.. i could play a Paladin5/kensai3..?? what fo you think about that? and i will really need help with the feats..
thxs a lot!!

by the way... i have not decided about race... im thinking about human... maybe a warforged??... if its a pali. dragon born?? ....