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2011-01-29, 06:20 PM
Is there a list of ways of reducing the cost of item creation in pathfinder?

Also, and individual ideas are greatly appreciated

2011-01-29, 06:24 PM
Other Considerations: Once you have a cost figure, reduce that number if either of the following conditions applies:

Item Requires Skill to Use: Some items require a specific skill to get them to function. This factor should reduce the cost about 10%.

Item Requires Specific Class or Alignment to Use: Even more restrictive than requiring a skill, this limitation cuts the price by 30%.
Found here (http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/magicItems/magicItemCreation.html)

Kind of cheesy imo though.

2011-01-29, 06:25 PM
I was looking for more general reductions

2011-01-29, 06:28 PM
I was looking for more general reductions

2011-01-29, 06:45 PM
You're already getting it at half price, what more do you want? Any more and you are going to be seriously breaking WBL.

2011-01-29, 06:58 PM
doesn't mean I can't keep trying

2011-01-29, 07:22 PM
APG has traits that reduce it by 5-10%.

Technically, this makes a metal magic item cost less as you can use craft skill, but DM may decide it means mundane.

Hedge Mage trait specifically lowers gp cost by 5% to craft.

2011-01-29, 09:13 PM
so now I'm down to about 15%. Lets see if we can bring this down to 5ish

2011-01-29, 09:55 PM
a) The PRD blurb reduces the market price so when you craft it for half those reductions are also halved. Ditto for the feat I think.
b) It's the same as the SRD and likewise requires DM approval, as they are guidelines not rule. Since the item's actual price is suppose to reflect its actual value, cost reductions that don't actual reduce the item's usefulness are an automatic "no". Unless you make sure the drawbacks cause actual problems. The feat should work though.
c) Even if they weren't guidelines breaking the game in half generally results in rulebooks flying towards your head. Fun thought exercise maybe though, but ya half those discounts.

2011-01-29, 10:02 PM
I know, I have more things

2011-01-29, 10:04 PM
Oic, when you're all done I'd be curious to see the whole list.

2011-01-29, 10:14 PM
Thusfar, at level 6

Base Reduction
Extraordinary Artisan
Improved Reduce Materials (Pathfinder Database)
Apprentice (Craftsman)
Hedge Mage
Favored in Guild (Arcane)


At level 12, with Bind Elemental and Greater Reduce Materials, it goes to 5.5%. However, I can use the joy extract to offset those costs.

I have the option of having XP for crafting. but I dont think 1ish% is worth spending XP on items.

2011-01-30, 12:49 AM
If you're using homebrew, which I think Improved Reduce Materials is, then getting to 0% or even negative should be trivial.

You probably want a way to speed up creation. Crafting time will be your biggest hurdle right now.

Honestly I wouldn't bother pushing too hard on item costs, the harder you push the more likely you are to DM disapproval.

2011-01-30, 07:09 AM
In that case, any good homebrew?