View Full Version : [3.5] Drunken Master still takes -4 on Improvised Weapons?

2011-01-29, 06:48 PM
Is this right? I can't find anything in the text of the CW version of the class that gets rid of the penalty. Nothing in the errata either.

This just doesn't seem right. Someone, please prove me wrong!

2011-01-29, 06:50 PM
check the Iron Chef Optimization Challenge XV thread sorry but I'm too lazy to read it right now :smallbiggrin:


2011-01-29, 07:36 PM
As written, they are not proficient with improvised weapons.

Wait a minute . . . since a monk isn't proficient with unarmed strikes anyway, could a Drunken Master use his fists as an improvised weapon? Hmm . . .