View Full Version : Best Druid Blasting spell 3.5

Half-orc Bard
2011-01-29, 11:47 PM
In your opinion what is the best blasting spell for druids for each spell level, in core books and the complete books

2011-01-30, 12:19 AM
IMO, the better blasting ones are in frostburn and spell compendium.


This thread has quite a few useful suggestions.

2011-01-30, 01:07 AM
Any and everything with the Conjuration school. Those never allow for SR and Druids get some pretty nasty ones.

Like Cometfall, lvl 6 spell that does 1d6 per/lvl with no dice cap other than the ceiling. It summons a fricking comet that falls from the sky onto your enemy. 10ft. square area and anyone in it gets a save for half and if someone fails, they are subject to a trip attempt with some pretty big bonuses.

TL;DR Druid + Conjuration school = better than anything Evocation can put out.