View Full Version : [Scion] An Odinson without a Purpose

Archpaladin Zousha
2011-01-30, 12:03 AM
I'm working on making a Scion of Odin for a Scion game, and I've hit on something great with the recent release of Tolkien's retelling of the Lay of the Volsungs, The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrún. In the beginning of the poem, a prophecy is described:

"If in day of Doom
one deathless stands,
who death hath tasted
and dies no more,
the serpent-slayer,
seed of Odin,
then all shall not end,
nor Earth perish.

On his head shall be helm,
in his hand lightning,
afire his spirit,
in his face splendour.
The Serpent shall shiver
and Surt waver,
the Wolf be vanquished
and the world rescued."

My idea was that Odin's specifically trying to guide this particular prophecy to come true, hoping that it alters the course of Ragnarok. As a result, the Scion is supplied with some potent helmet (possibly forged specifically for him by dwarves), and Thor is commanded to supply a chip of Mjollnir to be used in the forging of a relic that allows him to summon lightning to his hands, and Loki is commanded to provide a means of letting this Scion literally control fire (Odin knows "afire his spirit" is likely a metaphor, but he's taking no chances. Plus literal power over fire would be useful anyway, as the Titan of Fire is the one assaulting Asgard).

The question is...what's his calling? Scion takes place in the modern world, and his sole reason for existence is that darn prophecy. That doesn't really lend itself to any modern profession? I'd have thought he might have a Gallant nature, being raised to be selfless so as better to do as his father commands him and make sacrifices for the good of the Aesir. Any idea on what kind of a person this son of Odin might be?