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2011-01-30, 05:05 AM
In a game I am playing I have access to summoning an elemental of some sort.

Heres the rules for summmoning it.

you may summon an Elemental with HD equal to your class level +1.

Heres what lets me do it.

I am unsure what sort of elemental would be most useful.
I'm thinking that Earth is teh most useful right now. but I want to know what you optimisers think.

I'm intending to stop at level 13 so teh highest hd I can summon is 14.

2011-01-30, 05:50 AM
The "elemental" elementals tend to have a lot of HD for their cr, so I wouldn't use those.

MM3 has the storm elemental.

Try looking at the other elementals such as the belker or invisible stalker.

Elemental weirds probably offer the most bang for your buck. Think they are 15HD? Cast as sorc18s. :smallamused:

2011-01-30, 05:55 AM

search the pdf that concerns Creatures by Subtype and look at the Elementals.

Some interesting options include the Inferno Spider (MM4), Greater Spawn of Juiblex (MM5), Immoth (MM2), and Ruin Elemental (MM5).

2011-01-30, 05:59 AM
one would also suggest shadow elementals. they largly ignore an enemies AC, so deal damage every round. in the time of magic btw.

2011-01-30, 06:12 AM
one would also suggest shadow elementals. they largly ignore an enemies AC, so deal damage every round. in the time of magic btw.

Tome of magic.

2011-01-30, 06:55 AM
The problem is though I only have access to teh standard reactional and compundmentals. So the fire,water,earth and air.
I don't have access to anything else.

2011-01-30, 07:08 AM
The combination of earth glide, Power Attack, Cleave and, at 8+ HD, reach, makes Earth Elementals pretty sexy.

Air Elementals have the fly speed 100 (perfect maneuverability) and Flyby Attack thing going on. Whirlwind is, in my limited experience with them, a waste of time against CR appropriate challenges.

Fire Elementals and Water Elementals aren't as tactically interesting.

(Most of my experience with using elementals comes from playing clerics with the Air or Earth Domains, who would rebuked them for use as flunkies, and, given their abilities, I greatly preferred rebuking some Thoqqua or something to standard elementals.)

2011-01-30, 07:49 AM
Would you say the air elemental has any useful ranged attacks since at teh moment earth seems like the best choice?

2011-01-30, 08:03 AM
Air Elementals have no ranged attack that I can see. Go for Earth.

2011-01-30, 09:02 AM
Ok, definetly earth.
Blimey, my question solved in less than 8 hours and nearly a page.