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2011-01-30, 05:23 PM
So yeah. Wrote this up as part of preparation to an (at the moment) hypothetical Devil Tiger game. I'm sure you can guess at the real version of events behind the fluff, as well as who this is. Stats are a best guess, and I'm not sure what charms I should give him. Any advice? Be gentle please, this is one of my first homebrew attempts.

The Story:
Long ago, the world was ruled by mighty kings and queens, who built a mighty kingdom with their own hands and ruled it as their birthright. They had many children, who they gave this kingdom to, and retreated to their castle in the heavens to rule from on high, trusting their children with the creations which had been given to them.

But their children were ungrateful, and spoke hateful lies into the ears of their brother and sister. They wanted the fruits of their lords labor without the responsibilities which came with it. Eventually, they rose up in revolution, banishing the kings to a city beyond the lands they had once ruled, a land of endless sands under a relentless sun. Though they dreamed of one day returning, they were trapped in their city for years beyond measure.

Finally, though, one of their brethren went before the others with a strange announcement. He was to be married, and they would have new children, and they would all return to their former home together. At first the others didn't believe it, but then came two score and ten children among them. These new princes were but pale shadows of their parents at first, but they grew and learned and vowed to restore their parent's thrones, and the lords smiled upon them.

One child in particular was stronger than the others. He spoke the same promises as the others, but he did not trust his parents. He saw the truth in their lies: the cruelty which had caused their subjects to rise up and the weakness that allowed them to prevail. In time, he abandoned them. Though his father raged, he could neither find nor punish his wayward sun. The prince wandered the world for many years, and in time raised himself an army in mockery of his parent's laws. And with his army, he crossed the desert to his birthplace and stood at the gates of his father's city and challenged him, declaring war on his parents.

At first, the lords and ladies mocked him, thinking they could easily crush their progeny. But when the siege broke, it was not the army outside that fell, but the walls of the city. The prince and his forces slew countless defenders, and strode to the center of the city, declaring himself the new king of the realm.

The king lying wounded, the king's advisor stood against the prince himself, declaring the prince would never steal the throne while he stood. The prince smiled and told him that not only was he wrong, but the advisor would stand forever to guard his kingdom and warn against any who questioned his power. And so saying, he reached out and struck down the vizier, stealing his bones. On the vizier's own forge, he began to work. For five days, the fires of the forge burned, escaping and setting fire to the city. The sun was blotted out by the clouds of ash, and the only sound that any heard were the screams of the king and his most loyal servant. And when it ended, from the ashes rose the prince and his new servant, the broken and obedient remains of the once proud vizier.

The Sun that Stood Against Heaven
Third Circle Hellstrider

A brilliant emerald and brass suit of armor standing fifty feet high, the Sun that Stood Against Heaven is the Hellstrider upon which all lesser creations are patterned. Delicate circuitry details the carapace, and the entire construct seems to glow with scarcely restrained fires. Upon its brow, the old realm script of Malfeas rests below and clearly subservient to a strange caste mark of a golden Crown held aloft by wings.

Armor Values:
Soak 34; Strength 25; Mobility -0; Fatigue 1; Attune 24

Motivation: To bring creations into the world and be celebrated.

Abilities: 20 dice on any action other than combat or crafting, 23 successes on Crafting, 30 dice on combat abilities.

Forge Hand of the Mighty: The Sun that Stood Against Heaven, or it's rider, automatically gains 23 successes on any craft roll.
Impossible Emerald Brilliance: Once per scene, the Sun that Stood Against Heaven may glow with unbearable green fire, inflicting 10L damage as an unblockable, undodgeable attack against all in line of sight that ignores armor, killing any mortal extras instantly. Any survivors must succeed a Wits + Resistance roll at a difficulty of their own perception or be temporarily blinded.
Sword of the Titans: The Sun that Stood Against Heaven may call to itself a massive brass daiklave (speed 3, accuracy +10, Damage 40L (piercing), Defense +10, rate unlimited, provides 1 free perfect parry each action), which cannot be disarmed.
Calculated Order of Immediate Action: The Sun that Stood Against Heaven may create wonders in mere moments.
Weather Control: The Sun that Stood Against Heaven may create infernal weather, imposing environmental penalties as would be found in Malfeas. This includes toxic atmosphere and Omen weather (including vitriolic rain), but not specific dangers such as the Silent Wind or Psychedelic Rains.
Divine Melee Subordination: Possesses the flaw of Valor.
Hurry Home: The Sun that Stood Against Heaven may instantly return to the Citadel Primeval at any time.
Principle of Motion: Up to 14 banked actions, or the rider may bank his willpower.

Other Charms TBD

Other Notes: The Sun that Stood Against Heaven gains one point of limit every action it is attuned to a non-infernal exalt. In addition, the Sun that Stood Against Heaven always counts as a solo mass combat unit with Might 8, Magnitude 7.

2011-01-30, 06:15 PM
90 Green Sun Princes? :smallconfused:

2011-01-30, 06:24 PM
Gah, what's with my mind today? It's supposed to be 2 score and ten. STOP JUDGING ME!!! *goes and cries in corner*

2011-01-31, 11:02 AM
That sword will kill everything. Rate 5 (I assume you meant Rate 5) Means you get to have a Speed 3, 5 attack flurry that starts at Dex + Melee + Specialties + Bonuses + 5 and goes down to Dex + Melee + Specialties + Bonues, forcing a Perfect Defense every attack because it's rolling 65 dice in damage and is piercing. The +10 Def, combined with a shield, will likewise make you nearly impossible to hurt. (Dex + Melee + Specialties)/2 + 10 + Other Bonues Parry DV, is not a good idea, even at Essence 6.

2011-01-31, 12:33 PM
That sword is lifted wholesale from Ligier's writeup, though the Damage is assumed to have already factored in the strider's strength (since nobody else gets to wield it, hence 40L and not +40L). That said, I know it's nothing to sneeze at. I was considering dropping the accuracy significantly.

Infinite Rate is Rate 5 by errata, so I felt no need to specify. Also, defense +10 winds up adding five to PDV, not ten, since it is also divided by two. I was more worried about keeping the free perfect defense.

I should maybe also specify that this is intended as the personal conquest platform (directional titan level conquest platform) of an essence 10 primordial (effectively) who would serve as the big bad, rather than as a player's weapon of choice.

Also added some more charms and abilities.

2011-01-31, 01:38 PM
I don't have MoEP: Infernals, so what exactly is Weather Control capable of? If it can do Adorjan-ish damage in a really big radius, that might be excessive.

Hurry Home + the Valor flaw seems a bit odd, but it's a good way to make sure that it stays a recurring villain. Maybe require the rider to fail a Valor check to use it?

Principle of Motion for 14 actions plus that Sword of the Titans... just don't force any of your players to perfect-or-die against 35 attacks in a row, OK?

20 dice on any action other than combat or crafting is potentially silly, but being the DM you probably wouldn't have a hellstrider go around pickpocketing people or managing a bureaucracy. Unless it was thematically appropriate.

Overall, looks good to me. I can't think of anything to add, except for maybe some Malfeas and Infernal Monster Style charms.

2011-01-31, 01:55 PM
The weather control was intended more to be ambient malfean dangers (Toxic Atmosphere, possibly vitriolic rain, omen weather and the like) out to Essence Miles rather than primordial or demon specific dangers like the Silent Wind. I'll specify that.

And wouldn't dream of it. I'm not quite that homicidal.