View Full Version : Suitable Second progression for my Gestalt

2011-01-31, 06:45 AM
Im playing an Artificer, and I am looking for a good secondary progression, possibly incarnate or binder. Any ideas?

2011-01-31, 06:51 AM
Incarnate would take up most of your body slots that you could enchant yourself with as an artificer anyway.

This is a pretty tough call, I did think wizard but it doesnt mesh too well as you still only cast one spell/wand every turn. How about rogue? SA dice would come in handy

Edit- Also Warlock for the 24 hour buffs, just dont use eldritch blast unless you run out of wands

2011-01-31, 06:58 AM
My concept is a hyper intelligent desert craftsman/economist. I just can't fill out the progression. My template is filling out the first 4 levels of the second progression, so I only get 2 levels to work with.

2011-01-31, 07:21 AM
Factotum, if you plan on leveling further, would be my suggestion.

What is your LA+4 template, by the way?

2011-01-31, 08:10 AM
Savant Template from Green Ronin

2011-01-31, 08:13 AM
Ah havent heard of that one, but I would agree Factotum is best. Also good as with a pumped Int! so meshes with the inteligent character idea

2011-02-01, 09:52 PM
Artificer//Factotum? It's the Doctor! :smallbiggrin:

2011-02-01, 09:58 PM
Either Factotum or Warblade.

Factotum gives you skills, int to damn near everything, and you're a Factotum, which of itself is awesome.

Warblade is good because you become reinforced like crazy. Break the economy by crafting yourself cheap but effective gear, raise hell.

Also, you could play as a Warforged Artificer//Warblade. There's a sub level in RoE that trades Craft Homonculus for 1 point of craft reserve = 2 xp for weapons, armor and constructs, to further break the economy.