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2011-01-31, 03:33 PM
A friend and I are considering the idea of running twins. I am wondering if there are any classes that work exceptionally well with a rogue, as the other player is running a halfling rogue.

Level 1 start.
Classes allowed: Sorcerer, Favored Soul, Warrior, Adept, Expert, Barbarian, Fighter, Ranger, Rogue

2011-01-31, 03:44 PM
No wizard?

You guys should multiclass or be gestalt if it's just the two of you. I would have him go Ranger/Rogue (or Rogue/Sorcerer) while you go Fighter/Favored Soul to tank.

2011-01-31, 03:47 PM
Oh there will be one to two other people, but we plan to be a big pain and try to avoid them. I was figuring fighter, never even thought about Favored, thinking it won't go with our back story to well though...

2011-01-31, 03:47 PM
A duo where the the other part is a rogue?

Play a barbarian. Or possibly a fighter. Convince your friend to take a dip in Wizardry. Go to town (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fafhrd_and_the_Gray_Mouser).

2011-01-31, 03:51 PM
Ranger with the Distracting Attack ACF
Any spellcaster focused on Summoning
Another Rogue; one plays Sneak and the other plays Face.

2011-01-31, 04:09 PM
Hate to newb it up, but Face Rogue? What's that?

2011-01-31, 04:19 PM
I would think the best fun of those options, not necessarily the "best optimized", would be to go Barbarian.

Classic brute + smart guy duo. Barb will always provide flanking opportunities for the Roge as well. He can shore up the one skill your group might lack: great axe. If you want some neat RP options, pick up Survival and the Track feat, but that depends on if you have a DM that actually cares about skill checks in a fun way.

Both of you have uncanny dodge. Hell, the halfling might want to take a level of Barbarian to further the bond between you if he doesn't mind the loss of some skill points. Fast movement (he's not a slow-ass halfling anymore!), +2 Fort, +1 BaB, and if absolutely necessary, rage 1/day. Rogue with 1 level Barb dip is about as classic as 3.5 core gets.

2011-01-31, 04:23 PM
Favored Soul.

First off, you've got the heals. Second off, you've got Divine Power/Righteous Might combo to also be the beatstick.

Also, Face Rogue: A rogue who specializes in Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate, whose job it is to be the ambassador for the party to the rest of the world, and can reliably translate the wants, needs, and desires of the party into something the NPC's are likely to cooperate with. In other words: the con man.

Mando Knight
2011-01-31, 04:27 PM
Hate to newb it up, but Face Rogue? What's that?

A Rogue who is the party's Face.

2011-01-31, 04:43 PM
A Rogue who is the party's Face.

To expand on that ...

Although Rogues get lots of skill points, there are still usually more skills a Rogue would like to be good at, than skill points available. One common solution is to have two fairly high-skill characters in the same party. (Usually it's Bard and Rogue or Ranger and Rogue). One of the two takes care of the "sneaky" sorts of skills - hide, move silently, balance, climb, escape artist, tumble, sleight of hand, that sort of thing. The other takes the more social aspects: bluff, diplomacy, gather information, sense motive, knowledge (local), forgery, and tumble as well (trust me, every Rogue wants this).

Note that I listed those skills off the top of my head - seven that a sneak-themed Rogue would want, and seven that a face-themed Rogue would want. Both would probably want Use Magic Device too, so that's 8 each, and not even getting into spot and listen. Yeah, skill points get eaten up pretty quickly.

Two Rogues working together like that can be a pretty good flanking team in combat.

Mando Knight
2011-01-31, 05:23 PM
Alternatively, an intelligently-built Sorcelator is good at whatever he chooses to be good at.

2011-01-31, 05:34 PM
Just for the fluff I would take the fighter from UA (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/classes/variantCharacterClasses.htm#fighterVariantThug) and use that Bluff check to occasionally fool other people that Im my twin brother.

Rogue Twin:
-Likes to attack from when undetected (med BAB & SA)
-He likes to convince people through sweet talking (diplomacy skill)
-He finds & disables traps in dungeons (search & Disable device skills, trapfinding)
-He is sneaky (Hide & Move Silently skills)

Fighter Twin:
-Likes to attack from the front line (high BAB & PA)
-He likes to convince people through fear (Intimidate skill)
-He finds people in cities (gather information skill, urban tracking)
-He is not sneaky

Of course, this is not optimal. For optimization, favored soul/sorcerer, the twins (and anyone else) would welcome a buff or two.

2011-01-31, 05:35 PM
Favored Soul's ability set nicely complements a Rogue. Only problem is making one stealthy, but a few spells (Iron Silence and Invisibility/Silence-variants come to mind) and feats really help with that. Sorcerer is the other nice option but in general, a Rogue goes great with a tanky spellcaster to get flank buddies and some complements to his mundane talents on any front necessary.

Ranger is the other solid option since their ability set is very similar to Rogue but they are slightly more able to stand up in a straight fight and provide the tankier half for the pair with slight magic support; still, they can't do much that a Rogue can't already so that kinda eats into the extra they provide.

2011-01-31, 05:42 PM
if you want to sacrifice power for fluff, nightsong infiltrator and nightsong enforcer (complete adventurer) should be the ticket

2011-01-31, 05:44 PM
I'll second a second rogue. One to be the sneak, the other to be either face or "Treasure Hunter" (Search, Spot, Listen, Disable Device, Climb, Jump, Escape Artist, Tumble, Etc.) And don't forget Use Magical Device for both of you.

2011-01-31, 10:36 PM
In the oriental adventures book, there is a feat called "Karmic Twin".

You could maybe ask your DM to allow it as a bonus feat. :smallsmile: