View Full Version : Is this Optimized?

2011-01-31, 05:21 PM
I created a typical cloistered cleric for a 3.5 game, all tricked out (whisper gnome, trickery domain, divine magician, etc.) But the group decided I needed to be more tanky - I had focused on abjuration, and while scooting around with Sanctuary was fun, it wasn't effective enough...

So, I've decided to go the other direction.

LG Dwarf of Heironeous; War and Glory domains.

I'm starting at 5th, have access to core and all completes, plus SpC, MIC and UA.

My current plan is to start Cleric 3 / Church Inquisitor 1 / Ordained Champion 1

My full build, I think, is something like Cleric 3 / CI 5 / OC 5 / Pious Templar 1 (for mettle) and Divine Oracle 6

That does kill my casting by 3 levels, but I think it's still worth it. OC is amazing for getting in there and mixing it up in melee. CI gets me some nice mental buffs as well as badly needed skill points.

My primary question is what order should I take the classes to remain most viable... I'd like PT before level 10, but I don't know if I should concentrate on all the melee stuff (Oracle to 2 for Evasion for example) or just take each in succession...

I can get all the feats I need for each class by 9, no problem.

Also, going with DDM: Extend instead of Persist as most of the buffs I'm using are /hour... Might get Persist / DMM Persist at 15 & 18, but probably just going with Extra Turning... haven't heard word back from the DM on his interpretation of Nightsticks.