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Jair Barik
2011-01-31, 06:06 PM
Hello fellow playground goers!
Just come back from my local game societies meeting and have an amusing story to tell. The current game I am involved in is a Serenity roleplay. Due however to the party having changed every single session though (there are three of us who regularly attend and the rest of the party keeps changing) we had two new recruits joining us today. The regulars are a female companion (not present this session), an aggressive kleptomaniac and a crazy yet cheerful ships surgeon (myself). As the session began the two new guys were still statting their characters up and so the GM continued on with the stroy planning to introduce the others once they were done. At the moment our crew have been hired to find who stole some medical supplies used as a temporary cure for a local disease. I strongly suspected one of the medical staff as it seemed like an inside job and he had the motivation that less medicine would increase the interest into his work on finding a vaccination (we had reason to suspect that the drugs hadn't been sold on to the public and so weren't actually being used). My character is good at what he does (fixing people up) but not much else but through some decent rolling I managed to tail the doctor to a bar (I was helped by the fact it had started raining). It was at this bar that the new guys were introduced and sometime amidst all the conversations, attempts at theft and people getting ready to bash each other up one of them pointed out "Hang on a minute, so are we all meeting in a bar?"

This was of course met by a face palm from the GM and laughter from everyone else due to how he had inadvertantly walked into that greatest of roleplay cliches. As the humour settled out I then spoke up pointing out that wasn't it raining outside. GM says yes not seeing any significance and then one of us points out to him, "It's a dark stormy night and we have met in a bar". Cue further laughter/facepalms.

It was actually a really good session. There was a bar room brawl, multiple critical failures (the klepto missed a barmaid and instead hit the largest man in the room in the moob, klepto then kicked big guy in chest causing him to keel over after he critical failured his resistance roll) some good roleplaying and plenty of hilarity (getting out of the bar by waving a severed nose around and yelling 'I'm a doctor let me through). What was really good was that we didn't just walk up to the new players and say 'want to join our crew', in fact initial reactions were relatively hostile (in response to one of them pulling a gun on me I pulled a scalpel on them, pointing out 'mines sharper than yours') but this was very fun, there was no OOC conflict and going into the next session we are not really a unified group, rather a group of people with overlapping goals.

One final note though was that for all the humour of our game the funniest thing to happen all evening occured on the next table over. The group were playing warhammer fantasy roleplay and the room was filled with the sound of indignant (yet amused) players shouting at their GM the phrase 'A daemon prince? We are level one, I am one wound and you throw a daemon prince at us?!' needless to say everyone in the room found this quite amusing and games stopped as conversation veered into the topic of how one pronounces the word Tzeentch.

So, anyone else have good '1st' sessions in a bar on a dark and stormy night?

The Glyphstone
2011-01-31, 06:14 PM
It's "Zeen-chuh." The 'T' is silent.:smallbiggrin:

Jair Barik
2011-01-31, 06:15 PM
Whish T? Or are both of them silent :smallbiggrin: