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2011-01-31, 08:18 PM
im trying to think of a mechanic to use for a class i am attempting to create, that is basically designed around being practically invincible, and having self regenerating abilities.

id like to get something on the lines of being able to heal temporary physical effects quicker than the average person.

effects like blindness, being deaf or like being able to heal the injury from caltrops/spike stones.

not sure how to go about it though.

(if theres something thats already like this out there excuse my ignorance lol)

2011-01-31, 09:41 PM
Yeup it's called regeneration (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/specialAbilities.htm#regeneration). Even regenerate 1 means you can never die even if chopped into tiny bits. Body parts take several minutes to regrow though; see the troll for an example. With regeneration all damage is converted into nonlethal damage. Typically there's a weakness that is still lethal and won't regenerate. For example it's fire and acid for trolls.

2011-02-01, 10:35 AM
Regeneration (mostly spells, creature's racial abilities, magic items, or epic level feats).
Fast healing (Player's Handbook actually has a feat, part of the combat focus tree that gives it).
Temporary hit-points (Stone Power from ToB).
Maneuvers that recover HP, remove effects, and gives huge save bonuses (also ToB).
Reserve (Hit) Points, alternative rule from UA (you can find it in the d20 hypertext site, pretty much the base for "healing surges" in 4E).

Those are the ones I remember now.