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2011-02-01, 06:22 PM
Hey all,

AFAIK, no one has made a compilation of 3.X magic items or spells which didnít make it into the Compendiums.

Is there any interest, as a community project, of compiling a listing? Iím not talking full descriptions (which would breach copyright, obviously), but something like a reference listing (similar to the Consolidated Lists Archive over at WotC) or the Lists of Stuff thread.

Any thoughts or opinions welcomed. Also, if something like this already exists (ex Crystalkeep maybe?), can you point me in the right direction.

Cheers - T

Jair Barik
2011-02-01, 06:28 PM
Would certainly be handy. Unfortunately I can't help as MIC and SC are two sourcebooks I don't own (I am not paying 50GBP for a single sourcebook, no way)

Claudius Maximus
2011-02-01, 06:28 PM
There's this site (http://imarvintpa.com/dndLive/index.php), but it's not entirely complete (I think it's missing Complete Mage and Dragon Magic spells for one). I guess you could try to contact the guy who runs it and see about completing it. It's pretty well known so it might be a better idea to do that than make your own, if it's possible.

2011-02-01, 06:33 PM
I'm interested. I'm pretty sure the SC and MIC do not contain the following:

-Tome of Battle
-Tome of Magic
-Complete Mage
-Complete Champion
-All Eberron sourcebooks after the ECS (since the SC and MIC do have Eberron-specific items from the ECS).

Jair Barik
2011-02-01, 06:47 PM
Items in tome of magic

chime of suppression
Implements of binding
Soul Lens
Seal of the spirit
Teeth of Dahlver-Nar
Vestige Phylactery
Shadow magic staves
Metashadow rods
Dark lantern
Collar of umbral metamorphosis
Gem of Night
Orb of Shadow
Ring of Nullification
Shroud of Night
Amulet of the silver tongue
Book of true binds
Tome of truenaming

Armour materials

Weapon abilities
Shadow striking