View Full Version : Naming a character, need help (20 int artificer/warlord)

2011-02-02, 11:35 AM
Hi! I recently started playing a character. This is 4e, he's a Warlord|Artificer human in a Dark Sun game.

At the moment, his name is Iskander Meshelim. The problems are, he dislikes hearing the name, and the entire family of Meshelim is dead and/or in trouble. He just recently (as in, is in the middle of) escaped from a Gladiator pit in Raam.

So he's decided to change his name. To something more... Um, specific.

Character details: He loves weapons, all of them, building them, enchanting them, designing them, et cetera. Incredibly intelligent, plans ahead for everything he can (21 int will do that to you). In combat, he buffs his friends and throws them at the enemies.

Names I've been looking at have been things like Catalyst, Sling Shot, but I'm looking for something more... Obscure. Something that sounds like a gunshot (needless hyperbole is fun! :D), and ideally would need to be defined out of a dictionary to most people.

Help me out here!


2011-02-02, 01:14 PM
Cornelious Shar? That was the name of my Artificer. It had a gunshot quality

2011-02-02, 01:26 PM
Bas Uka. >_>