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2011-02-02, 12:56 PM
I've been working on a few ideas for Entitlements (http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Entitlement)of my own, for use in my Changeling: The Lost (http://whitewolf.wikia.com/wiki/Changeling_%28nWOD%29) campaign, and here's one that I felt was ready to see the light of day. Is it balanced? Is it intriguing? Does it detract from play, or add to the experience? P.E.A.C.H., please.


The Wyrd Sisterhood

Quote: "Y’know, you’re pretty smart, but I think your sanity is really holding you back. You’re so… limited."

Modus Operandi: To the Wyrd Sisters, sanity is a prison. The Wyrd operates entirely outside the bounds of reason and logic. It is, by definition, beyond human (or Changeling) comprehension. In order to understand it, you must meet it on its own terms. Your sanity won’t survive the journey anyway, so why bother keeping it intact?

The Wyrd Sisters are sometimes advisers to open-minded rulers, but they are more often shunned as ranting lunatics, whose incessant, nonsensical chatter is more likely to attract the Others than accidentally turn up a clue to the future. Still, they have their uses, and many who decry them loudly in public find themselves in need of their services at some point.

Titles: Wyrd Sisters, Sisters, Kassandras, Spooks, Witches

Prerequisites: Female, Occult ●●, Wyrd ●●, Clarity ●●●●● ● or lower

Joining: Chronically low-Clarity Changelings are approached by the Sisterhood, who offer them an appealing alternative to being labeled as “crazy”. They’re not nuts, they’re special; their visions and hallucinations are powerful tools. Many women are so sick of being shunned by others for their eccentricities that they jump at the chance to join the Sisterhood, despite its reputation for mental instability.

It is not clear why the organization does not accept men, but it seems to have something to do with differences in approach; women allow the Wyrd to flow over them and through them, while men are constantly fighting it for dominance – a losing battle if there ever was one.

Mien: Wild-eyed and wild-haired, the Sisters epitomize the “raving lunatic” or “hysterical woman” archetype. Many of them are New-Agers, hippies, and drug-users, and therefore show the effects of years (or decades) of drug-use and alternative medicine. Many smell strongly of body odor and incense. As a rule, they don’t shave anything.

Background: Most Kassandras use mind-altering drugs to keep their Clarity low, though some use other, less morally-acceptable methods. Wits is, of course, a vital skill, as it relates to their signature Contract, “Kassandra’s Sight.” Expression is a useful Skill, to make sure that their prophecies are worded as unambiguously as possible. Many cultivate high Resolve or Composure, to keep their numerous Derangements in check. Occult is a very common Skill, while Science is virtually unheard-of (though Medicine can be a useful substitute). Survival is useful for the harvesting of psychogenic plants, mushrooms, and cacti. Persuasion allows them to convince others of the soundness of their judgment, and Subterfuge allows them to speak true prophecies while omitting important details.

Organization: Single or Coven (group of 3)

Concepts: New-Age prophet of doom, alternative medicine fanatic, snake-oil saleswoman, preachy seer, chiropractor with the Second Sight, delusional wise woman.

Kassandra’s Sight (Contract ●●)
o Cost: 1 Glamour
o Action: Instant
o Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd, +1 for every dot of Clarity less than seven (i.e., at Clarity 5 she would get +2, at Clarity 3 she would get +4, etc.)
o Effect: Functions as the Goblin Contract "Diviner's Madness," (i.e., your see the past or future, but gain a Deragement for one day afterward [less than 3 successes = severe Derangement; more than 3 successes = mild Derangement]) but can be used multiple times. The Goblin Contract may be purchased in addition to this ability, if the Wyrd Sister so desires.
o Catch: The Wyrd Sister is attempting to foresee the doom of some person or institution.

Admiral Squish
2011-02-03, 08:56 PM
I like! Some pointers, however.

Firstly, your title should include something more about what you're bringing out. if you just say 'new entitlement' it could be anything. However, if you say 'double bubble, toil and trouble... [WoD, C:tL entitlement]' then people interested in witches would know to look, as oppose to one such as I, who prefers a more ogre-ish approach.

Secondly, I see no real problems with the fluff of it, it look interesting, and reasonably well thought out.

Thirdly, not everyone has their books next to them when they go forum-ing, so I would suggest instead of making people go and look up the goblin contract, you post the actual text of it, or instead of referencing it all, just adapt the text of it to to better fit your contract.

Overall, I would have liked to see more rule-related info. Maybe a couple more contracts, or the like.

And keep the faith! The balanced stuff generally gets fewer comments than the unbalanced.

2011-02-06, 11:13 AM
Thanks for showing interest!

Typically, an Entitlement only gives one Contract or Token to its members, and I just couldn't think of anything else that seemed appropriate. For some of the others, I have multiple ideas, and I'll need the forum's help to choose which ones are the most appropriate, and help balance them out.

I didn't post the rules for Diviner's Madness because I didn't have the book on me when I posted this. Also, the rules are pretty lengthy, and it would've taken a long time to type it all up (to say nothing of possible copyright infringement).

I think my next post should get a few more comments, since it will be less complete. I have a feeling that there will be a higher level of participation when the forum-goers actually have a way to contribute to the design of the Entitlement, rather than just saying "Yup, looks good."

2011-02-06, 11:48 AM
Those pre-reqs are a little too light, friend; I'd recommend at least adding Wyrd 2, maybe Occult 2 (or Occult 1 + some kind of speciality) to the entry requirements.

2011-03-04, 12:05 PM
Those pre-reqs are a little too light, friend; I'd recommend at least adding Wyrd 2, maybe Occult 2 (or Occult 1 + some kind of speciality) to the entry requirements.

Yeah, I was thinking it might be a little too easy to join. Fixed.

I wonder, though: Losing Clarity causes a Changeling to take penalties to Perception rolls, among other effects. Would this deficit make it more difficult for the Wyrd Sisters to accurately see/interpret the future after they activate their Contracts to see it? Is the bonus they recieve from low Clarity cancelled out by their penalty to Perception?

I guess what I'm asking is, are they just crazy ladies who can see the future about as well as a normal Changeling? Is there any reason to even join the Sisterhood?