View Full Version : thoughts/question?: a swift hunter/ambusher build

2011-02-03, 10:23 PM
came across riposte scout variant class feature found here: http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/we/20070228a

the dm has ruled that i can use riposte to qualify for feats that require a min skirmish.

im working on a swift hunter/swift ambusher build. would basically be ranger 4/scout 3/rogue 13. Ranger 4 would be to take distracting attack vcf, and get a bonus feat (non magic ranger variant gets a feat at lev 4). if it works the way i think it does, it would have 5d6 skirmish riposte and 7d6 sneak attack, (unless i use the pyschic rogue, then itd be 5d6).


the new build im looking at is urban ranger 2/scout 3/swashbuckler 3/rogue 12, with the feats swift hunter and daring outlaw early, and swift hunter later. this is going to be a 2 weapon fighter, probably fists and daggers.

effective character levels:
scout 17
rogue 15
ranger 5 (lower, but ok as it applies riposte damage to its fav enemies, including those normally immune to such things)
swashbuckler 15

-16 bab, 4 attacks baby!
-sneak attack 8d6 (5d6 if the psychic rogue is used instead)
-riposte 5d6/4ac
-grace +2
-dodge +3. with riposte adding +4, thats a 7 dodge bonus!
-2 favored enemies
-int to damage
-fast movement +10
-rogue special ability (opportunist?)
-weapon finesse
-battle fortitude +1
-go to ground (scout alt feature, replaces trackless step)
-plus evasion and the rogues trap and uncanny dodge abilities

mighta missed something, but this basically covers it. im still working out riposte and whether or not its worth it, but i think ima try it as a learning experience. i envision this character being a badass bitch (starbuck style) who is good at brawling hand to hand- when someone strikes at her, she can deal massive damage back at them in a flurry of strikes. i need to figure out a way to get sneak attack damage every time i riposte. karmic strike (OA) is a good option, but i need to be hit to make it work. get hit, and deal 13d6+STR+INT retaliatory damage, per hit!