View Full Version : dungeon design haunted manor (help)

flare X2
2011-02-05, 12:02 PM
I am designing a haunted mansion type dungeon basing it on a victorian/geogean manor. I have a list of rooms to use but still finding a few spaces need filling:

entry hall
court yard
meal hall
guest room
host room
servant quarters

also the story is about a good lord who died with no hier. no one layed claim to his estate for he was highly respected. but lately there have been hauntings.
before the hauntings a necromancer comunicated with the lord from deyond the grave and convinced him that the premiture death of his wife was caused by a retired adventurer in the local villiage. ever scince the lord has been haunting the town in an attempt to rat out the adventurer and make him pay for his sin. however the adventurer is completly innocent.