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I have temper of an orc, the ears of an okilei, the dreams of the shifter, and the spirit of a human. I am many things and many people, but together they are me. Out of this, chaos is all most see. They don't see the potential. I am beautiful. - Tastes-Of-Raspberries, Foregoer High-Sister

Mongrel, the word itself brings to mind the snarling, mangy dog in the alley. Thus were named these people, an insult to the gratuitous heritage they inherit. Shunned and mocked, chased and killed, it is no wonder that even the most comely of these mixed peoples is under the burden of self-loathing. The only comfort they could gain was being apart of the family of these mongrels. Though they may share no common ancestors, or fifty, they were all brothers and sisters by circumstance and of the mind.

A number however, through random personality, or a mix of traits, grew with a connection to their ancestors. A respect of their heritage and the love it took for the parents to produce the offspring, or the strength of the mother to endure the child of forced coupling. They began to trace their ancestry and draw upon their family tree to discover who these people were in life. Those who had a spark of psi turned their knowledge within and began to grow with the wisdom and experiences of people spanning race, culture and plane. They embrace the best of their parent's people, and shored up the weaknesses.

They became known as the Others of the Foregoing, or more simply, the Foregoers.

Becoming A Foregoer
With the racial self-disgust and mutations, the mongrelfolk rarely succeed in overcoming themselves enough to take any such class but the Society Mind (http://dsp-d20-srd.wikidot.com/society-mind), with the frequent Ardent as well. Their natural wisdom comes to their aid and shores up their other weaknesses, allowing them to discover themselves. Those with a martial bent, or perhaps an ingrained anger at the injustice done them, often become Psychic Warriors. However, Mongrelfolk with even a single level in a psionic class may follow the path of the Foregoers with the Practiced Manifester feat. As such, psionic meld-shapers or barbarian foregoers are also known. Like the mongrelfolk themselves, Foregoers are built by a vast variety of possibilities.

Hit Dice: d8


Entry Requirements
Race: *Mongrelfolk
Feat: Metamorphic Transfer (http://dndsrd.net/psionicFeats.html#metamorphic-transfer)
Skills: Knowledge (history) 8 ranks
* Races of Destiny, p. 98

{table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort Save|Ref Save|Will Save|Special|Powers Known
+2|Ancestral Memory, Family Traits +0|-

+3|Jack Of All Tongues|+1 level of existing manifesting class

+3|Improved Diffuse Blood|+1 level of existing manifesting class

+4|Ego Cleanse +2|+1 level of existing manifesting class

+4|Family Traits +1, Flesh of My Flesh|-

+5|Flesh Ghost, Ego Cleanse +4|+1 level of existing manifesting class

+5|Possessed By the Past|+1 level of existing manifesting class

+6|Ego Cleanse +6|+1 level of existing manifesting class

+6|Family Traits +2, Introspection|-

+7|Allchild|+1 level of existing manifesting class[/table]

Class Skills
The Class Name's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are All. A Mongrelfolk finds all skills within their grasp, aided by their ancestral link.
Skills Points at Each Level: 4 + int


Class Features
All of the following are class features of the Foregoer prestige class.

Weapon Proficiencies: You gain proficiency with all racial specific weapons for which you have the appropriate appendages to wield, such as an orc double-ax or a halfling war-sling. This acts as if having the appropriate Exotic Weapon Proficiency feats.

Powers Known: At every level except 1st, 5th, and 9th a Foregoer gains additional power points per day and access to new powers as if she had also gained a level in whatever manifesting class she belonged to before she added the prestige class. She does not, however, gain any other benefit a character of that class would have gained (bonus feats, metapsionic or item creation feats, psicrystal special abilities, and so on). This essentially means that she adds the level of Foregoer to the level of whatever manifesting class the character has, then determines power points per day, powers known, and manifester level accordingly.
If a character had more than one manifesting class before she became a Foregoer, she must decide to which class she adds the new level of Foregoer for the purpose of determining power points per day, powers known, and manifester level.

Ancestral Memory: You tap back into the memories of your ancestors, gleaming hints and pieces of knowledge.

A foregoer may make a special ancestral knowledge check with a bonus equal to her HD + her Wisdom modifier to see whether he knows some relevant information about local notable people, legendary items, or noteworthy places.
Knowledge of such events and people cannot be gleaned if they are more recent than your age. For example, if you are 30 year old mongrelfolk, you cannot tap memories newer than 30 years as you would not have acquired such memories from your ancestors.
Bardic Knowledge does not stack or interact with Ancestral Memory. Each check must be rolled separately.
They may also at any time expend their psionic focus to cross reference thousands of lives worth of memory flashes and gain a bonus to any Knowledge check equal to their Foregoer level.

Family Traits: Each level of Foregoer you may choose a single living, breeding race with no HD and no Level Adjustment. You are considered that race for the purpose of feats, prestige classes, and all other 'race only' restrictions. When you use your Emulate Race ability it is no longer limited to humanoids, but any race you have chosen through this ability. Every Foregoer must choose a race with the Humanoid (human) descriptor at first level.

Furthermore, each time you gain a level in Foregoer you may choose a single racial trait from the chosen race and retain it permanently. This may be a single spell-like ability from a gnome to the gaining of a raptoran's wings or even a human's extra skill point each level. If a spell-like/psi-like you may use it as many times as the chosen race can. If it grants a bonus to multiple skills, saves etc, you must choose only one. Abilities and feats mentioned as being first-level only are open to the Foregoer as they are reborn in the image of their ancestry. In fact, they take on a strong physical trait of the ancestor's race. A racial bonus to stats is not considered a racial trait, though see below.

You may even choose the same race to gain a secondary racial trait. If you choose the same race three times, consecutively or interspersed through your Foregoer progression, you gain a +1 bonus to any stat that that race has a bonus to in addition to that third racial trait.

At 5th level you may choose a single racial trait from any +1 LA race each level. Total Effective Character Level of the creature cannot exceed half your own.

At 9th level you may choose a single racial trait from any +2 LA race each level. Total ECL of the creature cannot exceed half your own.

DM Note
For Campaigns or settings with a limited amount of races to choose from, consider allowing your players to choose from races that aren't even part of the setting. Those people may be extinct, have evolved to a new form (neanderthal into humans for example), or be explained by the mixed genetics of several races coming together to produce a new effect for all intended purposes. If you have no dragons, but the character wants scales and a breath weapon, perhaps a domovoi (fire) and a were-snake and/or yuan'ti (scales) were part of their heritage a thousand years ago.

Jack Of All Tongues: You gain Jack-Of-All-Trades and Smatterings (RoD) as bonus feats even if you don't meet the requirements.

Improved Diffuse Blood: A Foregoer may choose to be unaffected by any spell or ability that targets a particular race or ignores a particular race. For example a Foregoer would be considered an Elf for the purpose of a Ghoul's paralysis attack.

Ego Cleanse: At fourth level your Charisma score increases by +2 as you stabilize your mixed ancestry and allow the most comely features to flow to the surface. Your score increases by another +2 at 6th level, and then again at 8th level, for a total of +6 to Charisma. This stacks with Family Traits bonuses.

Flesh of My Flesh (Su): At 5th level you add Empathic Transfer and Hungry Touch (Complete Psionic, p. 90) to your list of powers known. You may spend a full round action to manifest either of these powers and take in a sample of the being and incorporate it into your own genetics. You must be physically in contact with the target for the full round. This creature is now considered to be included within your Family Traits ability if it meets the ECL and LA requirements.

You may shape change into this creature as the Metamorphosis power if their HD is equal to or lower than your own (with the subsequent chosen supernatural ability as granted through the Metamorphic Transfer feat). Even if you cannot metamorph into the creature currently due to HD, once you attain the required HD you may metamorph into it. You may stay metamorphed for up to 1 minute/Foregoer level. You do not regain hit points through use of this ability.
Each time you metamorph into a creature, there is a chance your body reacts harmfully to the abrupt change and takes 1d6 points of Constitution burn (http://dndsrd.net/psionic.html#ability-burn). The chance percentage is equal to the racial HD of the creature you metamorphed into, minimum 1, and each time you take a new form the HD stacks.
For instance, if you changed into the form of a Hobgoblin (1 HD) there is a 1% chance that you take Constitution burn (http://dndsrd.net/psionic.html#ability-burn). If you then touched an Ogre (4 HD) there would be a 5% chance. If you then turned into a young bronze dragon (12 HD) there would be a 17% chance of burn. If your time ran out on this dragon and you metamorphed into it a second time, you add its 12 HD a second time as well, for a chance of 29%.

Once you have taken Constitution burn (http://dndsrd.net/psionic.html#ability-burn) through this ability you cannot use the Flesh of My Flesh ability until your burn has healed. You may still metamorph through other abilities and powers.

This chance of ability burn resets after each time you remain in your natural form for 8 hours straight, usually during your resting period, though not limited to.

The DNA and memory of creatures you take in degrade and are lost within 1 hour/PrC level and cannot be used afterward if different than your natural creature type. Otherwise the DNA is permanently retained.

Flesh Ghost (Ex): At 6th level you have learned to speak with the genetic memory of any creature that you have gained through Flesh of my Flesh. This acts as the Psionic Speak With Dead power, ML equal to your HD. You need not share the same language, nor need the being be dead. You can only question each individual genetic memory 1/week, though can question as many separate individual ones as you retain
With your own genetic memory you are considered to be continuously using this ability as reflected in the Ancestral Memory and Jack of All Tongues abilities.

Possessed By the Past (Su): Once per day at 7th level you may allow the personality of any creature you have gained genetic material from to come to the surface when you metamorph through use of Flesh of My Flesh. You become that creature mentally as well as physically, and for the purpose of spells and powers are considered under the Schism power, except you are the secondary personality, and your siphoned personality is the primary. As such, mind-reading powers and abilities only read the primary personality if it fails a save and you make yours. You also are fully aware of your surroundings while this is occurring. At any point you may retake control as a full-round action, your form automatically adjusting to your natural one.

DM Note
You could also potentially allow a player to become possessed by a true ancestor. This ancestor should be of any race chosen through the Family Traits ability. As for what the personality and abilities would be, that should be at your discretion. Cunning players might choose to say they're great-grandfather was a wealthy merchant with access to fleets of ships, and show up to the shock of the company to take control back. Thus encourage your player to write as detailed a family tree as he can as soon as he expresses interest in taking levels in Foregoer.

Introspection (Ex): At 9th level you may cross-reference the inherent memories through all the generations to arrive at a conclusion to a question. This acts as the Hypercognition power 1/day. At tenth level you add Hypercognition to your powers known.

Your tie with thousands of minds allows you to effect even hive-minds and swarms with your abilities if their creature type allows for it. For example, a swarm of bats would normally be immune to mind-affecting effects due to being a swarm, but a Foregoer may treat them as a single creature. An undead or vermin swarm however would still be immune as undead creatures and mindless vermin are immune through type, not through the swarm trait.

Allchild: At 10th level all your heritage combines into a new being who is literally a culmination of the best your past with that which is uniquely you. This grants you the following abilities.

You lose your race and creature type as you basically become all at once, gaining a nameless "Ur-type" of being that is above simple race and type. Since you are considered to be all living types, you no longer reject genetic material captured through use of the Flesh of My Flesh ability and retain it permanently. You do not lose any of your original traits or abilities.
Your new, true form changes to an idyllic version of how you view yourself, though it remains at least vaguely humanoid. You may still shapeshift and metamorph and use all shapechanging abilities, but when you die, or the duration of the ability expires, it is this form you revert to.
You are no longer affected by spells, powers and abilities that targets a particular creature type or ignores a particular type. For example Rangers gain no bonuses from Favored Enemy against you. You also qualify for all feats, PrC's, templates, etc, that may only be taken by a certain creature type. No effect, ability, class or similar can grant you a creature type. As well, Knowledge skills cannot be used to determine your type or gain information about your heritage.
You gain immunity to polymorph, disease and poison.
You may speak and understand all languages as the Tongues and Speak With Animal spell except it is not a spell-like or supernatural ability.


Playing A Foregoer
You have come to terms and embraced the life of an individual with no true culture, no racial family to call your own. You instead embrace all and leave out none. In each city they feel you are one of theirs as you speak their language and mingle like a native.

You are a cultural polyglot, tapping back to memories so that everywhere you go you feel you have been there before. You are comfortable and experience continuous deja vu amongst peoples you've never even seen before.

You may do this out of respect, or curiosity. An urge to better know yourself. Other Foregoers see it as a path to power, drawing upon the knowledge and ways of warlords, despots, tyrannical rulers and generals in their past. This, coupled with the psionic spark that such introspection begets, makes a formidable individual indeed.

Combat: Many Foregoers are prepossessed of particularly violent races or heritage, and allow their bloody proclivities to erupt outward. More powerful foregoers may even steal away the flesh of their enemies and come to know their weaknesses and strength. The Foregoer gains the strength as well, and pits it against them. Fighting a foregoer is as fighting yourself, except you are but one in the collective crowd ready to mob you.

Advancement: Realizing the potential of your unparalleled ancestry, you will continue to get to know yourself and those that contributed their genetic memories to their own.
Your psionic potential increases as you search every deeper inwards, realizing things about you and those that came before that you never even dreamed.
It is a heady, rewarding search that has no inner limit, though all Foregoers fantasize about coming down to the original spark that ignited all life.

Resources: Foremost, a Foregoer draws from a vast background of internal resources. She is technically an entire nation worth of a information to draw upon all her own. All in all a Foregoer is ultimately self-contained and independent.

However, in her work and wanderings she meets and befriends those of all races and nations, and discovers family that allows her to forge ties of blood.

There is also the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Others that is even more extensive. Through this gathering of combined internal collections there is next to nothing the order cannot eventually learn or connect with.

Foregoers In the World
She Went Through All the Ceremonies And Defeated All In The Test. She Did Not Look Quite Orc Until We Put The Axe In Her Hand. Then We Saw The Light In Her Eye. SHE WAS ORC! We Accepted Her Into Our Tribe And Named Her Tastes-Of-Raspberries For The Hue Of Her Lips. The Elder Recited To Her The Lineage. She Learned It Word For Word And Showed Him Her Place In The Line. If All The Young Orc Were So Respectful Of Blood We Would Be A Stronger People. - Warlord Teh, Terror of the Frostfell

Few outside the Brotherhood/Sisterhood realize what a Foregoer is, and the rare times they trust another to tell them they hardly understand. To most, they are simply an exotic looking individual interested in the history and genealogy of the area. They spend much of their time in the libraries or speaking with the Elders and midwives, making a detailed account of who beget who. This endears them to many, glad to tell of their family lines and often seeing something familiar in the Foregoer that opens them up to their queries.
Once this curious stranger leaves they are rarely seen again.

Daily Life: Studying graveyards, speaking with historians, and following the birth and death records of clan and city, you set down roots in each one like the family tree you grow within. Piecing bit by bit you trace your line and all its branches, jumping from limb to limb like as might squirrel. With each piece resolved you come a little closer to truly knowing yourself and the accumulated potential that you can tap.

You then dream dreams that are not your own, loving and hating those dead for centuries. They do not touch you though, stand aloof and watching them as a curious bystander watching the documentaries unfold before you. You step in to ask questions and speak with these ghosts, and they tell you of days ancient and obscure.
You then awake to another day. This is your life.


Gottlöb, the Gobbler

Like every people, there is at least one who casts a shadow on their history. Such is the one called Gottlöb, later to be known as The Gobbler. His beginnings are all but unknown, except that his birth was but one in a long line of perverted unions and abominable act performed during the frenzy of a cult's religious ceremonies. Even amongst other Mongrelfolk he was to be shunned.

While of no great intellect or beauty, there was a power to him, a sickening inevitability that pervaded all those he met. He would take of you, and you would be glad he left behind the rind. At first, content to simply taste of others and gain their ancestry into himself, he later wished to ingest them whole and fully, to have them in his belly as well as his genes. A cannibal of mind, body and soul he became, relishing it with a raging desire sickening to behold.

Monstrous were his ways, but his cult encouraged it, for with each body he took his power and knowledge grew that they could tap. He was said to be defeated by a holy man and his followers one day, an order dedicated to the destruction of this cult. He did not die it is said, but rose up as an abomination even worse than he was in life. There was a great battle that leveled the city, though none are certain if he was finally defeated, or crept away under a stolen guise, sated for a time but preparing for his next great feast.

Organizations: The Brotherhood/Sisterhood of Others is the height of Mongrelfolk culture who track the lines of their members. They are the keepers of the lineage, entrusted to protect and teach the inner lore.
Those with particularly auspicious or unusual ancestry are given special attention and encouraged all the more towards the path of Foregoing. That is not to say others are not, as even a line of simple farmers and peasants yield surprising knowledge. This knowledge is then used for the good of their members specifically and Mongrelfolk kind in general.
Many elders also encourage the unions of certain Others so as to strengthen a line or add knowledge unknown to it.
It is nearly a religion to some, believing that once certain lines are connected in the far future that all of the world's history will be contained in a single individual who shall become a great power, even a deity, who will lift up the Mongrelfolk from obscurity.

NPC Reaction
Most treat the casual encounter with a Foregoer as simply a meeting with an unusually exotic seeming individual of their own race. However, those that see one in action tend to feel fear and paranoia as they undergo drastic alterations in face and body. Many think them a horrible Doppelganger come to replace them or wreak havoc. Rarely is the Foregoer trusted afterward, for they could quite literally be anyone, indistinguishable both physically and mentally from the original.

Foregoers In the Game
Foregoers can fulfill practically any function in the game due to the varied background and classes they can draw from. A Foregoer that draws upon warrior races and aggressive individuals can do battle with the best, while those that remain more academic and self-searching function as the party's mage. Despite the roll they choose, all foregoers may function as spies and rogues due to their shapeshifting abilities and wide range of skills and learning.

Adaptation: This class may function in any campaign where psionics and mongrelfolk are allowed. The NPC below and a number of abilities were chosen to function best in my personal campaign, A Dying Ember (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?p=10251820#post10251820). There all but three of the 12 races are human derivative, making mongrelfolk a common encounter in the chill land.
In other settings the Foregoers could be found anywhere where humans and their subraces may freely breed.
Encounters: From libraries and cities, to ancient ruins, fairy circles and legendary battlefields are found the Foregoers. Their heritage may cross entire nations, lands and worlds, and so they backtrack along the paths of ancestry, following in their footsteps.


Sample Encounter

Berry Picking (ECL 13)
Once a trusted friend of the city, a woman that goes by the name of Tastes-Of-Raspberries has been seen by scouts sneaking into the lands of an orc/shifter alliance. Having no protective clothing in the midst of winter, many think her an undercover shifter and sprouting fur.
She was taken into custody and questioned for selling military secrets to the alliance. She is said to have denied everything, but refused to explain her secretive visits with the enemy. Several days later she somehow escaped under close guard. Unable to find her, and fearing she has sought sanctuary within the encampment, the government has asked for the aid of an elite group to find her and capture her.

What none of them know is that Tastes-Of-Raspberries is a mongrelfolk High-Sister of the Others who has been researching orc/shifter relationships, and her ancestral ties to them. She is indeed gathering information, but for her organization, not the government or the alliance. None outside of the mongrelfolk know her heritage or of the organization and she is sworn to secrecy.

CN Female Mongrelfolk Ardent 5/Foregoer 8

Medium Humanoid (human, psionic)
Init +3, Senses: Listen +10, Spot +6, darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision
Languages Common, Orc, Sylvan
AC 11, touch 11, flat-footed 10
hp 79 (13 HD)
Fort +9 (+10 poison), Ref +4, Will +15 (+16 enchantment/illusion)
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Melee Masterwork orc double axe +10/+5 (1d8/1d8)
Ranged Psychic Composite Longbow +19/+14 (1d8)
Base Atk +9, Grp +9
Combat Gear Composite longbow, orc double axe
Supernatural Abilities Flesh of My Flesh, Possessed By the Past

Psionics: Manifester level 13th. (Power Points per day = 133; Save DC 15 + power level):
1st - Call To Mind, Chameleon, Hungry Touch, Know Direction and Location
2nd - Empathic Transfer, Object Reading, Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions
3rd - Time Hop, Touchsight
4th - Metamorphosis, Quintessence
5th - Metaconcert, Psionic Revivify, Second Chance
6th - Psychometry
* From Complete Psionic

Natural World (Wild Empathy +13 )
*Nostalgia (Regain pp's from single manifestation)
Knowledge (Focused: All knowledge as trained/Expend: +5 to one check)
Time (+2 init, 1/day expend focus to delay damage or affect)

* New mantle. See bottom of entry page.
Abilities Str 10, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 10, Wis 20, Cha 14
SQ Ancestral Memory +21, emulate race, flesh ghost, immunity to sleep, improved diffuse blood, sound imitation
Feats Expanded Power (metaconcert), Extend Power, Jack-Of-All-Trades(B), Metamorphic Transfer, Practiced Manifester, Smatterings(B) Zen Archery
Skills Appraise +1, Autohypnosis +20, Climb +1, Concentration +17, Hide +5, Jump +1, Knowledge (geography) +4, Knowledge (history) +16, Knowledge (local) +4, Listen +10, Move Silently +2, Search +1, Sense Motive +7, Sleight Of Hand +5, Spot +6

Family Traits
Human x2
- Trait: Bonus feat and extra skill point
- Physical: Face/Complexion

Okilei (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=10252031&postcount=15) x2
- Trait: +4 Listen checks and Immunity to Depression
- Physical: Okilei ears
- Mental: Uplifting song of self within

- Trait: Darkvision 60 ft.
- Physical: Wild orc eyes

- Trait: Shift (dreamsight)
- Physical: Alpha Posture

Wild Child (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showpost.php?p=10252031&postcount=15) (rusalka)
- Trait: Descendant of the Elements (comfortable down to -50)
- Physical: Cold, flawless skin


Nostalgia Mantle
Granted Ability: You may regain lost power points from the use of a single power manifested that day.
1 Know Direction and Location
2 Object Reading
2 Recall Agony
2 Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions
3 Speak With Dead, Psionic
4 Fabricate, Psionic
4 Quintessence
5 Psionic Revivify
5 Second Chance
6 Fabricate Greater, Psionic
6 Psychometry
9 Time Regression

Disease, Egophrenia: Spread by contact with infected psionic creatures or developed naturally; contact; DC 18; incubation 1d4 days; damage special, see text.

There is a disease amongst shapeshifters, psychometabolicists and foregoers known as egophrenia. It is usually acquired when one shapeshifts continuously, weakening the body's true structure. The infected being begins to lose control over their abilities, shapeshifting at random every 1d4 minutes. If they can metamorph or change shape they automatically lose psionic points as if they had manifested the power that allows them shape change. The shape-changing ability of the highest level is always triggered. For instance Metamorphosis, a 4th level power would be triggered before Claws of the Beast. Greater Metamorphosis would be used before Metamorphosis.
If the shape change is natural, such as a doppelganger's natural ability, or a shifter's shifting, there is no loss of power points. A Foregoer uses up power points on any shape-changing powers. After that they repeatedly use the Flesh of My Flesh ability.
Each time they change shape they must make a DC 18 fortitude save or take one point of strength burn. Once reduced to a Strength of 0 they collapse into a mass of twitching, mutated flesh.

The Vorpal Tribble
2011-02-09, 12:29 PM
Disease, Egophrenia: Spread by contact with infected psionic creatures or developed naturally; contact; DC 18; incubation 1d4 days; damage special, see text.

There is a disease amongst shapeshifters, psychometabolicists and foregoers known as egophrenia. It is usually acquired when one shapeshifts continuously, weakening the body's true structure. The infected being begins to lose control over their abilities, shapeshifting at random every 1d4 minutes. If they can metamorph or change shape they automatically lose psionic points as if they had manifested the power that allows them shape change. The shape-changing ability of the highest level is always triggered. For instance Metamorphosis, a 4th level power would be triggered before Claws of the Beast. Greater Metamorphosis would be used before Metamorphosis.
If the shape change is natural, such as a doppelganger's natural ability, or a shifter's shifting, there is no loss of power points. A Foregoer uses up power points on any shape-changing powers. After that they repeatedly use the Flesh of My Flesh ability.
Each time they change shape they must make a DC 18 fortitude save or take one point of strength burn. Once reduced to a Strength of 0 they collapse into a mass of twitching, mutated flesh.