View Full Version : [3.5] Rounding out Dynamic Priest

2011-02-06, 01:42 AM
I just borrowed Dragonlance's Legends of the Twins from a buddy of mine and found the wonderful feat 'Dynamic Spellcaster'. For those without the book, it lets you use CHA as your spellcasting stat for a single divine class, but only for purposes of spells/day and maximum spell level. Spell save DCs are explicitly unaffected.

This feat is incredible. INCREDIBLE! Granted, you'd need to build around it, but if you take a quick look at PersonMan's 'X Stat to Y Bonus' thread, it will quickly become apparent that CHA is the easiest stat to optimize around.

I feel the feat would work particularly well for DMM clerics, who want to get their CHA as high as possible to begin with. Particularly for DMM Persist builds, who don't much care for spell save DCs anyways.

I'm interested, though, if there's and additional feat, ACF, class feature, or what have you that would help round out this feat. Something that changes DCs to CHA would be the obvious choice, but if there is something less obvious I'd love to hear it!

I love this feat. I think I'll make an order of militaristic, DMM Persist fueled clerics in my homebrewed campaign setting based entirely around it.

2011-02-06, 01:47 AM
It's something of a standard for Favoured Souls, Spirits Shaman and Paladins (thought the latter can grab the Serenity for Wis, too).