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Beramis, the All-Father, Progenitor of the Legion

First Beramian Excellency

The All-Father is cautious and tempered.


Unfurled Flesh Perfection
Cost: -; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Permanent
Keywords: None
Duration: Permanent
Prerequisite Charms: None

The All-Father is the alpha-predator, the great hunter, the perfect one. No matter what The Devil-Tiger gains a number of mutation points equal to (essence x5).

Genesis of Fledgling Life
Cost: 10m 1hl; Mins: Essence 3; Type: Simple (Speed 5)
Keywords: Obvious, Sorcerous, Stackable
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charms: First All-Father Excellency

The All-Father is fertile beyond all measure. New and exotic life is constantly blooming within the world of his soul. The All-Father does not limit his creation to his own soul however. Weaving a portion of his infinitely fecund soul into the tapestry of Creation he creates a new form of life. This new creature comes into existence in a flash of life giving essence causing all plant life in the immediate vicinity to bloom regardless of season.

The Creation is a unique material creature of darkness, never before seen in Creation or beyond. It has (Essence x3) dots of Attributes and (25+Essence) dots of Abilities distributed however the Devil-Tiger wishes. The creature also has up to (Essence x2) mutation points, the effects bought with these points are not truly mutations however, but innate features of the Creature’s physiology. The Creature has a permanent Essence of 2 and 6 Willpower; the creatures Essence pool is calculated as that of a spirit. The creation has 8 dots spread among its Virtues(in addition to the free first dot) and 5 spirit charms it qualifies for. The Motivation and intimacies of the creature are chosen by the Devil-Tiger at the time of this Charms use.

A second purchase increases the creatures Essence and Willpower to 3 and 8 respectively and also allows the Infernal to create either Material or Immaterial creatures. A third purchase at Essence 6+ allows you by adding a one willpower surcharge activate this Charm as a non-sorcerous Instant Charm. The permanent Creature created by this Charm is not a demon, but can carry an Infernal Exaltation like one. They can also be Banished as if they were Demons of the First Circle(though they are sent to the Soul-World of the All-Father rather than Malfeas). Finally this permanent creature is capable of a form of asexual reproduction chosen by the Infernal at the time of its creation.

Old Versions
Self-Same Flesh Inception
Cost: 10m, 1 hl; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Simple (Speed 6)
Keywords: -
Duration: One Scene
Prerequisite Charm: None

The All-Father's flesh is fertile beyond measure. From his body comes the fruit that grows into his progeny.

Upon activation, the character spawns a creature to fight on his behalf. The statistics of this creature are determined beforehand by the player (with the approval of the Storyteller) in the same manner as creating an Infernal but with the caveats of being unable to utilize charms, gain background points, and with only one favored ability.

In addition, that creature gains an additional attribute point that must be spent only on physical attributes for every two points of essence (rounded up, minimum one) and a number of mutations points equal to twice your essence level.

When created, this creature is has an intimacy of complete obedience to the character.

At Essence 4+, the additional physical attribute points granted are now equal to your essence level.


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