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2011-02-07, 11:15 PM
Hi all,

I'll cut to the chase, basically I am coming up with a bounty hunter guild on behalf of my DM for an upcoming campaign and would like some help with it with regards to rules, inter-guild relations (both good and bad), power structure, anything really. Bounty hunting itself in the campaign is a bit of a grey area, most nations tolerate it but not all do.

Any questions be sure to ask and I'll explain what I can.

Loki Eremes
2011-02-08, 03:59 AM
well, you got to kinds of Bounty hunters guild:
The legal and illegal xD

If you re planning a legal one its not that difficult. but a little complex.

You'll need:

Legal part:
-permission from the country where you're going to work.

-Obviously you need a building.

-You need people that do the administrative work, that includes mission distribution, adjudication and bounty delivery. Remember that a Guild is the intermediary between the client and the hunters, so you need bureaucracy for this. the bigger the "company", youll need more staff.

Guild Benefits:
As a guild, you offer registered Hunters, benefits, besides getting missions for them. Something like medical attention, cheaper equip, and so.

For this venture you need...money. Where do the money come from?
As i stated before, you are an intermediary. So you get part of the money that would be in other terms, part of the hunters if they worked alone.
You also get money from the incomes of the fixed fare Hunters pay to be "part of the Club"
There are other ways for obtaining money but this 2 are the most important ones if you dont wanna be so meticulous.

If you are a guild, you gotta have rules.
This comprends rules about behaviour both from your staff and your Registered Hunters. (EX: you dont want evil hunters to go on rampage on every mission you got for them. This will carry a bad image for the guild between other problems.)
To maintain rules you need.

1. Contract: made at the register of every bounty hunter.
2. "Sheriffs": hi-level personnel that will punish extreme behaviours.
3. Also its a good idea to make a test to each applicant to see if he's
mentally suitable

[[ All of this for a "good" aligned Guild.
If you want something more OUTLAW, just be flexible with the rules and applicant tests, etc ]]

well....that sums a lot of whats on my head....hope i dont missed anything :smallbiggrin: