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Compilation thread for my heretical titan. By now, people reading this probably know why.

The Brotherly Urge (The Urge To Assist)
Plothel is defined in terms of aiding others, and so must those who bear his Urge be. Brotherly Urges are simple: they always take the form of 'Protect/Serve/Assist/Advance the interests of X', where X can be very nearly anything; and organization, a creature, or anything else to which the concept could concievably be applied.

Brotherly Torment: Plothel's torment shows the transgressor what a world would be like without his concepts. The transgressor immediately drops to Compassion 1, and fails all Compassion rolls. So, too, do all within a radius of (Essence) yards that fail a Compassion roll, and they are similarly contagious. Any intimacies of which the Brotherly Urge disapproves are likewise crippled. Regardless of how far it spreads, this torment abates across all realms of existence once it has run its eight-hour course, potentially leaving hundreds staring in horror at what they have done.

The Aides
The caste that Plothel crafted from his Defiler Exaltation serve, protect, and assist. That is what they were designed for, and that is what they will do. Their caste abilities are Craft, Medicine, Socialise, Performance, and War. Whatever they do, they do with others, as a group. The Aide caste mark is a U.

The anima power of the Aides is to restore others. While it blazes at the 11+ mote level, all allies within (Essence x 3) yards slowly recover, gaining one mote or bashing health level per action per dot of Essence. Alternatively, by spending five motes of Essence one may grant all within (Essence x 10) yards that one chooses two motes or a single lethal health level.

Precipitous Fiat: Painstakingly Precise Arrangement Plothel encourages seeing that everything is in its proper place, which is helping others in their proper places. When the Infernal obsesses over some minute detail, whether it's a flower in the wrong place or a person throwing off his plans, to the point where he ignores the larger picture (like a dinosaur crushing the rest of the garden, or a Yozi trying to assassinate him), he may roll his Compassion and reduce his limit by the successes.

First Plothel Excellency
Plothel supports, finding a way to realize others' goals. His actions are always altruistic, but he equally expects altruism of others. Where possible, he builds on the works of his allies, or lays the foundations for another. If someone disagrees with him, he tries to find common ground, but if that fails then he is not afraid to defend his beliefs. If others are in need of assistance, then he will not hesitate to support the underdog. He firmly believes that, in the end, everyone can be made happy, and he seeks amicable solutions in which there is no real loser.
This charm enhances actions that put others before the user. It may always be used for any roll which is contributing towards teamwork, and also applies to tasks that reduce strife, letting enemies or rivals work together harmoniously.

Plothel Mythos Exultant
When Plothel excels, he inspires others to excel. He may award an equal mote or willpower bonus to one creature of his choice who he can detect whenever he recovers motes or willpower from a stunt.

Ascendancy Mantle of Plothel
Plothel cannot really concieve of an enemy, any more than the Ebon Dragon can concieve of a friend. So long as he bears no negative Intimacies, this charm remains in effect.

Sorcerous Initiation of Plothel
Destruction is not in Plothel's nature, and so spells whose sole purpose is to destroy or kill are outside his understanding. Spells which incidentally deal damage or otherwise cause destruction may be adapted so that they do not. On the other hand, spells that create things that the sorcerer intends for others, or spells that grant others benefits, cost 10m less than usual.

One For All Method
Cost 5m, Ess 2, Simple, Combo-OK, One scene, -
Plothel lends his might to those more in need of it. So long as this charm remains active, he may apply dice from any Excellency that he knows, through whatever means, to the actions of any being within (Essence x 5) yards. This obeys the target's limit on dice added by charms, with Plothel's dice applying after the target chooses what (if anything) to add to the roll. With a second purchase at Essence 3+, (Yozi) Mythos Exultant and Effortless (Yozi) Dominance may also be shared.

All For One Technique
Cost -, Ess 3, Permanent, Overdrive, Permanent, One For All Method
As he helps others, so Plothel is helped in turn. His power lies in building ties that strengthen both him and his companions. While One For All Method is active, he may reflexively end the charm in order to draw strength from his allies. For every two motes spent in empowering his allies via that activation of One For All Method, he recieves a single mote in the Overdrive pool created by this charm. This pool has a 20 mote capacity, which expands to 40m with a second purchase at Essence 4+. This pool empties at the end of the scene.

Needs of the Many Understanding
Cost - [varies], Ess 3, Permanent, -, Permanent, One For All Method
Sometimes a great many allies need aid, and Plothel seeks to help them all. When activating One For All Method, he may spend any number of additional motes, to a maximum of his Essence. When empowering allies through that activation, he reduces the cost by this number of motes/2.

Needs of the Few Understanding
Cost -, Ess 3, Permanent, -, Permanent, Needs of the Many Understanding
Sometimes, the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many. In such cases, Plothel can draw power from the multitude to imbue only a select few with his might. When using One For All Method, Plothel may attempt to draw part or all of the cost of the excellency from another creature, to a maximum of his (Essence/2) motes. If that creature gives permission, then they pay the nominated cost, and Plothel spends it along with his own expenditure on his own Excellencies. If they refuse, they must pay one willpower. No creature need pay more than two willpower per scene to resist this effect.

All-Encompassing Heart
Cost -, Ess 2, Permanent, Emotion, Permanent, One For All Method
Plothel loves everything like a brother, and cannot bear to strike a killing blow. When he would kill something with an attack, he instead reduces it to Incapacitated, and instills in it a positive Intimacy of his choice. He may repeat this as often as he likes, although the Intimacies thus instilled are not inviolate, or even supernaturally powerful.

Final Sublime Love
Cost 5m, Ess 2, Simple. Combo-OK, One scene, All-Encompassing Heart
Plothel knows that there are those who are so entrapped in their illusions that they cannot be made to see the light of day. He pities them, and supports them out of what can never be to them the world of wonder that he sees. So long as this charm is active, Plothel bears an intimacy of pity for those creatures which bear a negative intimacy towards him. Further, he may attack them freely without any repercussions or willpower expenditure despite whatever intimacies he holds. Finally, by spending three motes to enhance an attack, he may deal aggravated damage to such creatures.

Unbounded Compassion Acceptance
Cost: 4m, Ess 3, Reflexive, Combo-OK, Instant, All-Encompassing Heart
Plothel accepts that everything has its place, and lets a weapon do its task or an 'enemy' land their attack with a smile. But he has his place too, and it is not bleeding on the ground. With this charm, he perfectly soaks all damage from a single source, even if it's unsoakable. This charm suffers the Imperfection of the Endless Brotherhood. When this charm is used with a Defend Other action, it may be applied to the subject of the Defend Other action at no additional cost, recognising their place rather than one's own.

Imperfection of the Endless Brotherhood
Plothel cannot comprehend anything truly outside his heirarchy. He understands what he cares about or what cares about or hates him in terms of their relationship. Unless the origin of the attack has an Intimacy towards him, or he has an Intimacy towards the origin of the attack, this charm's cost doubles.

Swiftly Ended Strife Method
Cost: 5m, Ess 3, Supplemental, Combo-OK Shaping, Instant, All-Encompassing Heart
Plothel knows that strife comes from misunderstanding, and brushes away this veil like a hand does a cobweb. Whenever an attack enhanced with this charm would deal even a single level of damage, it instead destroys a randomly selected negative Intimacy that the target holds. With a second purchase requiring Essence 6+, it instead destroys three such Intimacies.

Transcendant Union of Hearts Shintai
Cost: 10m 1wp, Ess 3, Simple, Combo-OK Form-type, One scene, Unbounded Compassion Understanding & Swiftly Ended Strife Method
What is the heirarchy? The simplest answer is its parts. The correct answer is the relationship between those parts. This Plothel knows, and so he seeks to redefine the heirarchy by redefining relationships. So long as this charm remains active, Plothel's Intimacies are inviolate: they cannot be altered without his permission. Further, he may take a diceless speed 1 miscellaneous action to grant himself a single Intimacy, with an emotional context of his choice, towards any being. He may invoke Swiftly Ended Strife Method without a Charm activation, and all Social attacks that he makes towards a subject with an Intimacy of any sort towards him, or towards a subject that he has an Intimacy for, are considered to be playing on an Intimacy for purposes of MDV.

Kindness Knows No Bounds
Cost: - [+5m or +5m, 1wp], Ess 5, Permanent, -, Permanent, Unbounded Compassion Acceptance
Plothel is a neverending fountain of compassion, and can accept whatever punishment the world rains on him. By paying an additional five motes when activating this charm's prerequisite, a character enjoys protection for the entire tick that the charm was activated on. An additional purchase at Essence 7+ allows the expenditure of a further point of willpower to make the protection action-long.

Time Heals All Wounds
Cost: 5m, Ess 3, Simple, -, One day, One For All Method
It is said that time is the great healer. Certainly, wounds and scars fade away with the years. All that Plothel does is help them along. When this charm is invoked, either the user or one touched creature begins to heal at a supernaturally fast rate, recovering all lost health levels over the course of the next 24 hours. This recovery is spread evenly, and if the subject takes damage during this time that damage is not healed until the charm has run its course or is reinvoked.

Years Lessen All Loss
Cost: 10m 1wp, Ess 5, Simple, -, One day, Time Heals All Wounds
The body is not all that time can soothe. Ultimately, the mind and soul recover, and one moves on. By invoking this charm, the user or one touched creature begins to regain all lost willpower, this gain being spread over the next 24 hours like the healing from its prerequisite.

Aeons Mend All Breaches
Cost: -, Ess 5, Permanent, -, Permanent, Time Heals All Wounds
Hatred is as much a scar on the soul as anything, so why should it not be healed? When invoking Time Heals All Wounds or Years Lessen All Loss, a character who knows this charm may also choose a specific negative Intimacy that the subject holds. If the subject allows it, then every scene for the next 24 hours counts as a scene of eroding that intimacy.

Minutes Flow to Hours
Cost: - [+5m], Ess 4, Permanent, -, Permanent, Time Heals All Wounds
Time has its place, and supports other places in its turn. When activating Time Heals All Wounds or Years Lessen All Loss, a character who knows this charm may pay an additional 5 motes to lessen the time for healing to an hour.

Moments Are Eternities
Cost: -[+10m, 1wp], Ess 5, Permanent, -, Permanent, Minutes Flow To Hours
This charm allows the Exalt to enhance activations of Time Heals All Wounds. At a cost of an additional 10 motes and one willpower, the time taken is reduced to a single minute.

Instants Are Forever
Cost: -[+20m, 3 wp or +10m, 1wp], Ess 6, Permanent, -, Permanent, Moments Are Eternities.
The eternal moment, too, has its place, and sometimes that place is here. By paying an additional twenty motes and three willpower, one who knows this charm may reduce the time taken for healing from Time Heals All Wounds to a single tick. Additionally, for an additional ten motes and one willpower, Years Lessen All Loss can be reduced to a single minute in duration.

End To Suffering
Cost: -; Ess 4; Permanent; -; Permanent; Time Heals All Wounds
Even the most exotic suffering is brought to an end in time. So Plothel understands. This charm allows its prerequisite to be activated to remove all Sickness, Crippling or Poison effects from a subject (each requires a seperate activation).

Even Death May Die
Cost: - [+20m]; Ess 8; Permanent; -; Permanent; Aeons Mend All Breaches & Years Soothe All Loss, Plothel Eternal Essence
Ultimately, death too has its place. Sometimes, that place can be elsewhere. A character who knows this charm may spend an additional twenty motes when actvating Time Heals All Wounds or Years Soothe All Loss, granting the subject the benefits of Plothel Eternal Essence for the next 24 hours (regardless of how long the healing takes).

Overflowing Oceans of Mercy
Cost: 3m; Ess 3; Reflexive (Step 9); Combo-OK, Counterattack; Instant; Unbounded Compassion Acceptance
Plothel has mercy beyond all reckoning, and it overflows even to his assailants. This charm is invoked in response to an attack. In order for the attacker to attack him again in the same tick, he must spend a number of points of willpower equal to the number of times that this charm has been invoked against him in this tick.

Unruffled Feather Restoration
Cost: 5m per effect; Ess 3; Reflexive; Combo-OK; Instant; Unbounded Compassion Acceptance
While other things may seek to change what Plothel is, he knows. This charm may always be activated, regardless of any mental influence to the contrary. This charm removes all Shaping effects that currently affect the user, regardless of origin, at a cost of five motes per effect.

Unifying Disparate Agendas
Cost: 2m; Ess 3; Reflexive (Step 2); Combo-OK, Social; Indefinite; All-Encompassing Heart
Though others may seek to turn Plothel from his path, he merely incorporates them into his duty. This charm functions as a perfect social parry, which may block even unblockable social attacks. However, Plothel must accept the argument on some level, and eventually he will turn to it and deal with it. Thus, so long as the motes remain committed, the attack is held back, but once he releases them he suffers the attack as it was originally made.

Unbounded Assistance Genius
Cost: -; Ess 5; Permanent; -; Permanent; One For All Method
Plothel is often saddened by the inability of others to enjoy the full benefits of his help. With this charm, he mends his sadness. From now on, dice granted through One For All Method are limited to the larger of Plothel's dice limit and the target's.

Universal Assistance Prana
Cost: 15m, 1wp; Ess 5; Simple; Combo-OK, War, Social; One scene; Needs Of The Many Understanding
Though he can assist many, sometimes Plothel must assist a multitude. While this charm and its prerequisite remain active the user may magnify the capacity of complementary units, both normal and social. These enhancements last the scene, increasing the target unit's effective Magnitude at a ratio of four motes per effective dot. This increase is uncapped.

Combined Assistance Of Worlds
Cost: Varies; Ess 3; Reflexive; Combo-OK; Varies; Needs of the Few Understanding
Everything, everything, has its place. By reminding it of that place, Plothel makes everything else flow a little better. This charm may only be activated while One For All Method is active, in response to a charm being used by another creature. By activating this charm, Plothel pays any fraction of the cost of that charm. If the charm has a duration longer than Instant and is not Sorcerous, the motes must be committed for the duration of the charm. Once the decision is made to commit to a charm, this charm cannot be revoked until that one is.

Perfecting Confluence of Possibilities
Cost: 10m; Ess 5; Reflexive; Combo-OK; Instant; Combined Assistance Of Worlds
Although everything has its place, that place is to support something else. While Plothel supports most frequently, sometimes he needs support. By activating this charm, he may simultaneously pay the mote cost for another charm that is being activated at the same cost. He then benefits from that charm, with all restrictions and benefits thereof. This charm specifically cannot copy Form-type charms, as the understanding inherent in such charms is beyond such instantaneous understanding. Further, in order to imitate a charm the character must qualify, and for all purposes regarding the charm (including qualification) his Essence is halved.

Ascendant Heterarchy Shintai
Cost: 15m, 1wp; Ess 5; Simple; Combo-OK, Form-type; One scene; Perfecting Confluence of Possibilities
It is fundamental to Plothel's understanding that everything has its place. Some things obviously hold command over others, and some things are not fit to hold command over anything. But to place one thing over everything? Such madness, as perpetuated by the Principle of Heirarchy, is not Plothel's way. He knows that everything must be given ultimate command over its own destiny, even as it remains under the command of another. Hence he takes the heirarchy and distorts it, loops it back in on itself, weaving it into a tapestry where every thread supports another. On activating this charm, the character attunes to the fundamental wonder of everything. By declaring command over his own destiny, while subordinating himself to the world at the same time, he forges of paradox an incredible strength. This charm grants the following effects.
The character gains all benefits of One For All Method.
Combined Assistance Of Worlds no longer requires a charm activation.
Every two motes spent through One For All Method automatically fills the overdrive pool granted by All For One Technique.
The character may reflexively command one object per action to take on a new form. That form must be of approximately equal volume, shape and size, and the object reverts at the end of this charm's duration. This ability is not limited to mundane objects or materials, although owned objects permit an (Essence+Willpower) roll-off and attuned artifacts are never affected.
Also reflexively and once per action, the character may declare two objects interwoven. Interwoven objects have complete command over one another, and so any interaction between them comes to naught. A fire interwoven with a log will not burn it, but pass over and around it harmlessly. Likewise, a sword and a suit of armor interwoven will not leave a mark on one another, and any blow struck against the armor through the sword will have no effect. This obeys the same limiations with respect to owned and attuned items as the above ability, and lasts until the charm ends.

Omnipresent Love Understanding
Cost: - [+5m or +25m]; Ess 5; Permanent; -; Permanent; Unbounded Compassion Acceptance
When he is struck, Plothel learns what struck him, and loves it. By paying an additional five motes when activating Unbounded Compassion Acceptance, he may grant himself an Intimacy with an emotional context of his choice towards whatever originated this attack. This upgrade also applies to Unruffled Feather Restoration and Unifying Disparate Agendas. With a second purchase at Essence 9+, whatever initiated the attack (a blade, an avalanche, a universal concept) gains the same intimacy towards him if he pays an additional 20 motes.

Faster Than Light
Cost: 10m; Ess 5; Simple (Five minute dramatic action); Shaping; Indefinite; Unbounded Assistance Method
Plothel's pattern contains much, and comes apart and together as it must. Sometimes, one thread calls so urgently to another that it would unravel the pattern with its calling if it could. Plothel simply aids it in its goal. When this charm is activated, a caller and a summoned are designated. Both must be willing, and fully aware of the consequences of this charm. Once the charm is complete, the caller may at any time spend ten motes reflexively (simultaneously ending the charm), or three willpower if the caller has no mote pool. The summoned is then instantly conjured to the caller's side, regardless of distance, so long as the two have a mutual intimacy (that is, an Intimacy to one another with whatever emotional context) and the two are in the same realm of existence. If the caller is in combat, the summoned takes the Defend Other action for free, at no DV penalty, until he enters combat as normal. Teleporting while within combat forces a new Join Battle roll.

Larger Than Life
Cost: 15m; Ess 4; Simple; Shaping; Indefinite; Unbounded Assistance Method
Plothel's all-encompassing love can do much; win a war, move a mountain, heal a heart. By invoking this charm, he bestows something of that same power on another within (Essence) yards. The target may reflexively invoke this charm's power for a scene at no cost, reducing all target numbers by one for the duration of the scene.

Love Laughs At Locksmiths
Cost: 5m, 0wp or 1wp ; Ess 2; Simple; Combo-OK; Until DV refreshes (Essence) times; Needs Of The Many Understanding
What is a door? What is a gate? Nothing but another portal through which Plothel's all-pervading love may flow. This charm duplicates the Solar charm Lock-Opening Touch (see Exalted, page 229).

New charms follow.

Swords Not Of Steel
Cost: 10m per ally; Essence 3; Simple (One day); -; Indefinite; One For All Method
Others wield weapons of soulsteel, or orichalcum, or jade. Plothel smiles, and pities those who can find no stronger weapon to wield. This charm may only be applied to some number of willing participants, no more than the user's (Essence/2), who have some form of mutual intimacy with the user. The charm takes the essence of this intimacy, and weaves it into an invisible weapon, which the charm-user can perceive as they choose, and Essence sight can observe it as a nebulous bar which constantly shifts and flickers. The weapon begins with the following stats: Accuracy +0, Damage +0L, Rate 1, Speed 5, Defense +0. For every ally included in the forging, the user may add one to any of these numbers, or for every two allies the speed may be reduced by one to a minimum of three. The weapon is intangible to all save its creator, and lasts only so long as this charm lasts. While the creator may wield the weapon normally, and it will strike both material and immaterial creatures equally well, the true power of the blade is the ability to strike through one's allies. So long as the wielder holds the blade, he may reflexively make an attack which originates with an ally involved in forging this blade, using the sum of the ally's weapon's Accuracy, Damage and Defense and his own. The ally gains the benefit of the charm user's Defense for the remainder of his action. This blade has one last power: the user may elect to deal bashing damage at no penalty, and if the user chooses to deal bashing damage then it will not roll over to lethal damage.

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More reserving.

2011-02-08, 04:22 AM
It looks good for the most part. The Shintai Charm seems kind of dull mechanically, it also is missing a Duration. Seeing as it's a Form-Type I would assume it's Scene Long but you never know. Also the Excellency could do with being a little longer.

Primal Fury
2011-02-08, 01:22 PM

The Torment doesn't really do a whole lot since it doesn't compel them to act a certain way. I think you're going for some variation of the Deliberate Cruelty limit break.

The excellency is much too short.

The anima power is busted; combat healing and combat mote regernation at that rate are simply insane.

All Encompassing Heart should have the Emotion keyword I think.

The first Shintai is way overcosted, given the effect. It's also strange considering All Encompassing Heart is permanent, and thus costs nothing and doesn't count as a charm activation anyway. It also doesn't strike me as an Essence 5 effect, it could do a whole lot more.

The usual cost for perfect soaks is 4 motes, while perfect dodges usually cost 3 motes.

I really hate the second Shintai. The fluff is absoutely gorgeous, and got my hopes up for the crunch, which then let me down incredibly hard.

2011-02-08, 11:14 PM
OK, that second Shintai needs some rethinking. It's hard fluff to crunch. The rest of it I'll deal with in the next few hours.

2011-02-12, 06:00 PM
On Faster Than Light:

The Charm is way too cheap. It costs half as much to create the link as The Faithful Ally(the only comparable effect) and one-twentieth the cost to activate it.

Also, I don't see how it's a Shaping effect. Sorcerous would fit better I think.

2011-02-12, 06:59 PM
The Faithful Ally? What/where is that?

2011-02-12, 07:25 PM
The Faithful Ally? What/where is that?

The White Treatise pg 70-71. Sapphire Circle Spell.

2011-02-12, 07:38 PM
It is also significantly more powerful. It allows communication and it can teleport in either direction, as well as allowing the teleportation to be anywhere within 20 yards. I could raise the cost some, but it isn't the same effect at all.

2011-02-12, 07:47 PM
It is also significantly more powerful. It allows communication and it can teleport in either direction, as well as allowing the teleportation to be anywhere within 20 yards. I could raise the cost some, but it isn't the same effect at all.

I didn't say it was the same effect, merely the only comparable one. The communication is free so that really shouldn't come into the equation when discussing the cost of the teleportation, though it may be enough of a reason for the lower initial cost. Aside from that it is more powerful but not as much as you seem to be implying. Your Charm unlike the spell is not vulnerable to countermagic and doesn't require a roll. Also your Charm effectively gives a free action to the summoned.

2011-02-12, 07:59 PM
True, although a very limited action. But the communication is very important: if you can't talk to someone, then you can't tell them when you're in a critical situation and can't afford to be teleported out. Perhaps up the teleportation cost to 5-10 motes? But definitely not the full 20.

2011-02-12, 08:24 PM
True, although a very limited action. But the communication is very important: if you can't talk to someone, then you can't tell them when you're in a critical situation and can't afford to be teleported out. Perhaps up the teleportation cost to 5-10 motes? But definitely not the full 20.

Yeah not the full twenty. 10 is probably good; still seems a little cheap to me but not unduly so.

2011-02-13, 01:38 AM
Fixed that charm up.