View Full Version : nWoD: why does my Changeling suck? (and help me make him better)

Brock Samson
2011-02-08, 03:12 PM
Ok, so my character doesn't actually suck. But I feel like I'm really not getting the best out of pledges. Here's my character so far: http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/metropolis-city/characters/silas-wrathstrike Note that his stamina is now a 3.

I know that he's actually one of the most combat-effective PCs in the current game, but I feel like he could be so much better (both in and out-of-combat). His Freehold pledge just says he'll defend the freehold no matter what and doesn't really give him any actual benefits, I think Resources 1 or something. His Motley Pledge is really effective, lots of bonuses, but our ST made us take it with 2 NPCs which we didn't really want to and we're 100% certain that she's going to make us eventually break the pledge when they turn out to be enemies. And we were forced to make a pledge to work at and defend a bar that another Changeling owns in exchange for.... free lodging.

That means I can still make 3 more pledges without suffering any penalties.


Either examples of pledges you've made, or things that would be generally helpful to me or specifically helpful. This is the first time I've ever played Changeling, and not super-familiar with nWoD in general.

Brock Samson
2011-02-08, 03:58 PM
??? Anyone???

2011-02-08, 06:35 PM
Alright, obvious question first: Seeming/Kith? I'm getting a Wizened vibe from you, but I could be wrong.

Second question - you have a variety of (Contract +1) and (Contract +2)s listed. What are those?

Now, my advice: For the purposes of getting power together, short-duration pledges that advance whatever your motley's current goals are, while they lock you down a bit, are generally quite nice.

In the mean while, if you have access to Armory, look into spending 2 XP on the first dot of Combat Marksmanship. Get it from a mortal instructor, and work a pledge with him that as long as he teaches you, you promise not to misuse your training. The effects on your side will be:

Task: Never shoot at people who didn't attack you or your friends (-1, because it's pretty easy), Endeavor (show up to lessons once a week) (-1)
Sanction: Violence (-2), Poisoning Of Boon (-2): The instructor can shoot the crap out of you if you backslide, and your talents go balls-up.
Boons: Blessing (+3 Combat Marksmanship), Adroitness (+1 Firearms)
Duration: One Season (+3)

Now, as long as you're the calm and collected one (and being Winter, that shouldn't be hard), you are a crack super-shot. Just don't start any vendettas, or you will lose your skills and probably be shot to death.

Brock Samson
2011-02-09, 07:44 PM
I don't really know anything about the Wizened, I'm a Darkling Leechfinger. Not bad considering the ease of healing. The (Contract+1)s and such are the boosts I'm getting from my current pledges.

My ST has Armory, I'll have to look up that Merit.

I do plan on shooting first a lot though, so I'll have to change the pledge a little, my character HATES supernatural evils. And some not-so-evils, but still not great (will kill any vamp he meets).