View Full Version : Need some overarching plot ideas, help?

2011-02-09, 02:52 PM
Alright, I started a 4th edition play by post game for two players and I'm having the most difficulty with (believe it or not) the overarching plot.

Here's what I've got so far. Most of it is already canon.

The campaign takes place in the city of Tarrow, a megacity which covers an entire island. Recently, the city has elected a new mayor and to show support for her the Adventurer's Guild (which the PCs are not a part of) has sponsored a parade in her honor (even going so far as to provide security).

During the parade an assassination attempt is made on the mayor and fails, the assassin sets the float he's on aflame which spooks the horses and causes all sorts of chaos which the PCs dealt with.

Now, one of the PCs has been captured and it looks like they're pinning the assassination on him (even though he wasn't even there). The other PC is investigating the real assassin seeing if she can find any hint of him. The two PCs don't know of each other yet.

Where I want to go from here is that the mayor is essentially framing the one PC (just randomly, he sort of won the bad news lottery) and she is somehow working in cahoots with the Adventurer's Guild. I haven't figured out why an assassination attempt was faked though which would be the big part of my story.

The island is a good tactical point for any country to hold and is currently considered neutral ground. It also serves as a prime refuelling stop for travelling cargo ships between continents and countries which could be allies.

Any suggestions would be welcome, if you need more info I can give it.