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2011-02-09, 04:14 PM
Creating a character grab-bag for a dnd 3.5 game. 5-character party, I'm going to make the characters ahead of time and then the players will choose who they want to play. Need input on interesting, quirky character concepts, and for interesting, quirky reasons why the characters might know one another. I'm looking more for background ideas than builds--this will be PHB and low-level only, so the actual races and classes are very limited. I'm also fine with ideas that create inefficient builds (like a half-orc bard) as long as they'd be fun to roleplay. Any ideas?

Kobold Esq
2011-02-09, 04:16 PM
The classic: the party of do gooders (or do badders) traveling under the guise of being a group of minstrels, carnies, etc.

2011-02-09, 05:16 PM
Do you want an entire group, or individual characters, or either?

As a character concept, you could borrow one I'm trying in my next campagin: A wizard who decides to diguise him/herself as a fighter. Without access to a Hat of disguise, the way to do this would be to take either disguise self or alter self as spells, and spend a feat on a martial weapon profficency. Alternatively, you could make an elf and give him/her a longsword. Disguise self can give the illusion of wearing armor of any kind.

As for why a wizard would do that: Well, any foe that recognizes a wizard for what he is is likely to target him first. Also, anyone that recognizes said wizard is likely to target him with things wizards are generally weak to. (Which fighters tend to be stronger agains, like fort saves)
Conversely, Anyone who recognises a fighter might be less likely to target that fighter (unless he's an immediate threat) and is likely to try using will save effects, which wizards are strong against.

If you feel like giving a character a hat of disguise (from the DMG, basically disguise self at will for 1,800gp,) you could also pair said disguised wizard with a disguised fighter. The fighter would, of course, disguise him/herself as a wizard. Let the baddies try their fort save attacks against him! Let them waste their first turn taking out the "wizard!"

Finally, these two characters can know eachother by the wizard having the fighter as a personal bodyguard.

2011-02-09, 05:26 PM
a rogue that desperately wants to convince people that he's a wizard, get a lot of barely filled wands and hide them under a large robe, secretly grab them out and cast spells with them (without the party seeing). not very sustainable, but could be really fun for a little one shot campaign... would also just be hilarious to role play