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Epsilon Rose
2011-02-09, 05:37 PM
So, I'm looking to create a character based on hate. This basically means that he hates every one and every thing, including himself, and wants to cause every one a great deal of pain. To that end he's after a more psychological/longterm scaring than barbarian rage. Under different circumstances I'd make him a bard with a telepathic prc and a penchant for Hannibal Lectures; unfortunately there will be a great many zombies in this campaign so the mind effecting is kind of out. I'm currently leaning towards something bard based or something based on the beast within homebrew class but I was hoping for build suggestions (feel free to suggest other classes if you think they'll work better, but I don't want a wizard/sorc).

Given the nature of this character I feel I should mention that Vile Darkness, Ebron, and Feyrune are out.

2011-02-09, 07:48 PM
I'd go with a Cleric, the Spell Compendium has the Hatred, Suffering, and Wrath domains, any two of those should be fitting. I'd go the typical DMM: Persist route with Night Sticks. Definitely get the Wrath domain in this case, and take the PH2 ACF to spontaneously cast spells from that domain instead of spontaneously casting Inflict spells. Something like Cleric 6/ Divine Oracle 4/ Contemplative 10 makes a good build that could work for any alignment or faith, say you visited the Frog God's Fane detailed in Complete Scoundrel to get the feat prerequisite for Divine Oracle for 2,000 gp without having to spend a feat on it. At Contemplative 6 get the Destiny domain from Races of Destiny, to DMM: Persist its 9th level spell. This would make a melee powerhouse who has a divine calling/delusion to inflict as much harm on others as physically possible.

2011-02-09, 09:25 PM
In the book Libris Mortis there is the feat called Requirem that lets bards affect undead. The Dirgesinger is a prestige class for bards in particular that works with undead.