View Full Version : Paper Mario in a TTRPG?

2011-02-09, 09:30 PM
I was recently replaying through Paper Mario and Thousand Year Door on a nostalgia trip over last week's snow-in and I had a thought, "How could the feel of the games be translated to a table-top RPG?"

The RPGs (handheld and console) built the Mushroom Kingdom and the world beyond into this huge sprawling world. Making a campaign world with the various places and races in the games would be fun, but what I wonder is how you would be able to capture the papery feel of the games in the mechanics if at all possible, and what, if any systems could be used as a base to build up from?

Does the Playground have any ideas on how you might be able to translate Paper Mario to a tabletop RPG?

Lord Raziere
2011-02-09, 09:33 PM
I think there was an attempt a long time ago at making a homebrewed version- all it really did was take the health and abilities that was already there and put some kind of dice to determine if the attack succeeded or not while not changing anything really else.....don't fix what ain't broken y'know.

wonder what happened to it? it was going so well.

2011-02-09, 09:39 PM

This is a more general Mario d20, which draws from stuff like Paper Mario, and the Superstar Saga.