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2011-02-09, 09:44 PM
I don't think their are many people on these forums that have read these books, but I noticed that a lot of people have tried forum and videogames based on these books (they truely are epic!:smallsmile:). So here was my idea. The Sight and Fell by David Clement-Davies are basically wolf books where the wolves are basically humanized (they can talk, have religion, etc)and their is a special power called The Sight (To the best of my knowledge, their is no relationship between this ability and the similarly named ability in Doctor Who, again to the best of my knowledge since I never finished watching the episode that it was on). More on the powers of The Sight below.

There are 3 basic abilities assosiated with The Sight (I borrowed this book from a library, so I may be fuzzy). The three powers are the ability to do things with minds (like telepathy, compulsion, cause visions), a "Helper" (a bird familiar who they can temporarily share consciousness with), and visions (involuntary visions, seeing the future, the present in another location, ghosts, causing visions). When you read the book, you will find that there are in fact many abilities assosiated with The Sight, but they all stem from these three basic abilities (I think).

These include:
Visions: As metioned above, those with The Sight can cause visions and recieve them voluntarily or involuntarily

Mind control: Anywhere from only lesser animals, to wolves, to even humans (not actually in the book for the human part)

Mind reading: Anywhere from none, to only others with The Sight, to other animals, to humans. Voluntary in the book.

Healing: How much healing varies based on how strongly they possess The Sight

They must have some form of epic destiny

Summoning howl: Only the most powerful wolves with the strongest abilities of The Sight are capable of this. Morgra summoned an army of spectres, but Fell could barely summon Morgra for 5 minutes (for those of you who have only read The Sight, read Fell and it will make more sense:smalltongue:)

They often return as spectres, even when beyond the "Red Meadow," which is another story entirely.

Helpers are automatic

Any more I might have missed?

Basic mechanics:

Basic abilities like that of D&D (except attributes)

Strength (Pressure/pulling strength, bite damage)
Agility (Jumping, balance, speed)

Some skills that are a combination of different abilities, should the player be permitted to use the higher one, or required to use the lower one?

Combat would play a crucile role in the game, but the game would not be combat based per se.

Attack types (brutal I know, but this is a wolf fantasy.):

Lunge: Try to knock opponent prone for an advantage. agility

Bite: Deal serious anti-ability/lethal damage, depending on players choice of attack location. Based on strength

Claw: Does little damage, but can cause enough pain to distract or deter them, although not necassarily more deterring than a bite, it may be more appropriate at times, especially if you don't want to risk your own throat in the attack. Based on dexterity check (where as opposed to how hard)

Rip: The most mean attack type, causes the most pain and is usually finishes the enemy quickly if successful against the throat. Requires higher strength check, and counter attack is more effective on fail.

Counter attack/full defense: May be of any type. With a successful check, deal damage to attacker, if they attack. If both sides go full defense, they circle each other.

Combo: Bite-Claw, Lunge-Claw, Lunge-bite, all out, and all out with rip, with rip interchangeable with bite on all options.

Combat actions are considered simultaneous.

Points will be based on age. players should start their character at 1 year. I need some help here as far as wolf ages. Most wolves live to 7 in the wild, right? If someone can calculate the growth spurts, aging etc, I would be very appreciative. Basically, they gain attribute points for growing up, until they start to age. They must then make a D&D style D20 save (what DC?) to avoid the effects of aging. The passage of time gradually heals wounds, although one with The Sight and eating can speed up the process. Balance issues? Any ideas?